We see partnerships as a way to achieve success together. Become part of our partner network


Our Partner Program is built on a simple premise: together we can accomplish more. As YieldPlanet partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive travel technology solutions for revenue and distribution management.

Join a network designed to foster business growth and benefit from attractive and rewarding opportunities.

With our Partner Programs, we enable professionals and companies in Hospitality Tech to sell and drive greater market penetration.

As a Partner of YieldPlanet you will increase your value to your clients. Whether you are looking to make life easier for your clients and introduce them to automated distribution, or if you want to improve your clients results by increasing the reach of distribution and improving efficiency.


Distribution is at the heart of every successful hospitality business. With our software and experience, we can help you get the best results for your clients.

Through partner development and training, each of our programs isbuilt to achieve revenue goals so you can enjoy the rewards of asuccessful partnership with Yieldplanet.

Over our 12 years of experience in the market, we are proud to have developed trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our partners. Our motto is to go above and beyond to make them and their clients successful.


“One size does not fit all”. This is why we have different Programs to meet different needs. As a business, you can refer leads to Yieldplanet, become an extension of our Sales team, resell our products to use our online distribution capability as an integrated part of your technology. We have a solution for each of our needs!

Referral Partner

Generate leads and earn extra revenue by introducing potential clients to Yieldplanet

Agency Partner

Improve your value and generate extra income by selling YieldPlanet


Reseller Partner

Generate Sales and grow your presence in new markets. Differentiate your offering by combining products and expertise.

Tech Partner

YieldPlanet is fully integrated in your tech and offered to your clients as a all-in-one solution

3 Steps To Become a Partner



Fill in our Partner submission form. Let us know about your company, your business model, target segment(s) and market(s) so we can assess what’s the best program fit.


We’ll get to know each other better during an online call. We’ll agree on the best partner program fit, draft a business plan and agree on a committment.


Throughout the recruitment and onboarding of new partners, our team is here to support you every step of the way to monitor the partnership and ensure your success over time.

Become a Partner

Fill out the form and see how we can help you grow your business!

As a Partner of YieldPlanet you will increase your value to your clients. Whether you are looking to make life easier for your clients and introduce them to automated distribution, or if you want to improve your clients results by increasing the reach of distribution and improving efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a one-person company. May I still become your Partner?

As a one-person company, you can join our Referral Program that allows you to refer leads to YieldPlanet. When you send us an introduction, our Sales team will pick it up and if the lead converts to a signed client, we will pay you a one-time commission. If you are a one-person company and the capacity to engage actively and take ownership over the full sales process you can also enrol in our Agency Program. We made is easy and straightforward, built for professionals like Influencers and Consultants offering Services in Hospitality.

I would like to integrate my platform with YieldPlanet. Do I need to become your business partner?

If you would like to integrate your platform with YieldPlanet, you do not need to become a business partner. Refer to our section about Connectivity Partnerships for more information on how to integrate with Yieldplanet. You can however be a business partner and Connectivity partner simusltaneously. If you are a PMS, BE this can actually be the best way to go.

Are there any Partner enablement costs?

There are no costs on your end to get enabled to become a business partner of YieldPlanet however we expect a level of commitment from your end. We should work on a business plan together and execute it.

I want to become a Reseller. Which resources should I have in place?

Our Reseller Program is meant for companies which are focused on hospitality and have the structure to handle sales and first level support (including product implementation, end-user training and ongoing support/call center). It is important to be commercially driven and have an affinity with technology, as you would be autonomously training and supporting your clients. Learn more about our Reseller Program here.

Do you offer co-marketing funds to your partners?

YieldPlanet allocates Co-Op Marketing Funds to Agents and Resellers partners. These funds are typically are given as a reward or incentive to top sales performance partners and there are specific eligibility requirements.

Do you have any reward program for top-performer partners?

We have extra rewarding programs for Agents and Resellers. If they over perform, partners are allowed to a kickback/bonus based on results. What does it mean? Kick back bonus is calculated based on KPIs and concerns new sales only, for a max limit of 12months. Co-op Mrktg funds are also available to top performers.

I am a consultant who manages distribution for my hotel clients. How can I become your partner?

If you are a Consultant working with hotels in distribution, you can apply to our business partner programs. However, if you plan to manage the hotel’s distribution and working with YieldPlanet tools on their behalf as a ‘Professional User’ you should contact us here.

I am just starting my company and don’t have any clients yet. May I still become your partner?

Of course! We advise you to start with our Referral Program to get more familiar with our product as our referral program does not entail to have many resources on your side and is simply an exchange of warm leads.

As a Partner, will I be limited to resell your products in a specific market?

As a Reseller, you can sell in any country worldwide while as an Agent you will be able to sell in countries where YieldPlanet does not have a direct Sales force (subject to evaluation with our team based on the capabilities and support we can offer in return).

Do you offer exclusivity?

YieldPlanet supports its partners the best way possible. Resellers and Agents can set up goals with YieldPlanet and based on results, it is possible to penetrate a specific market under certain conditions. An extra discount can be provided to these partners if they want more help to penetrate a market, but once again, based on performance and under review with your dedicated Account Manager.

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