The Price Optimizer is now fully operational again

Feb 4, 2020Price Optimizer Update

What happened
Some of our Price Optimizer services were down for short periods of time from yesterday at 18:00.

What is the status – solved
Some of the availability updates sent over the malfunctioning period might be missing. The Price Optimizer is now fully operational again. All updates are received from PMSes and recalculations are done. Forecasts are being regenerated now too.

Action required

  • Initiate a full resubmit of availabilities from your PMS.
    (We are also going to reach out to PMS providers to ask them for the resubmit where it was still not done.)
  • Please control the availability of rooms for the dates for which there were reservations made during the last 15 hours.

Sincere apologies for your inconvenience.

In case of any further malfunctioning please contact


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