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Indispensable revenue management tool

Boost your RevPAR through effective, AI-powered and fully automated yield management.

Fully automated

Optimize your prices on all channels prices with a fully automated revenue management and distribution system.

Real-time price optimization

Keep your hotel always optimally priced. Every data update triggers a recalculation and optimized prices are immediately published.

Automate processes

Allow Price Optimizer to automatically calculate prices, availability and restrictions and distribute data to connected online channels.


Let business intelligence work for you…

Get all the business intelligence in one tool to remain in full control over the pricing of your property.

… but remain in control

Review and manually change prices, availability, MLOS restrictions, over- & under-bookings and cancelation probability.

Demand forecast

Get daily updated insights into your hotel’s future occupancy and revenue. Intelligent forecasting algorithms will provide you with the data you need.

YieldPlanet support team is great! Their reactivity on critical issues amazes me. The client service was one of the main reasons why we have chosen YieldPlanet and we are really happy with it. We know there is always someone reliable at the other end of the line and this is so reassuring considering the impact a technical problem could cause.

Renaud Dion

Revenue Manager , Groupe Réside Etudes, France

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