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Observe your competitors

Get insights into your competitors pricing and monitor your market across different sources.


Make fact based pricing decisions

Reduce the risk of inaccurate pricing in online channels by intuitive acess to pricing reports.

Up to date accurate data

Get access to the freshest prices that can be updated up-to-the-minute.


Accurate comparisons

Get meaningful competitive information for all your offers by taking into account all price components – occupancy, restrictions, meal plans, etc.

Competition rates for the next 365 days

Easy-to-use online comparison of prices and price trends against a selected group of competitors for the next 365 days.

On-demand Updates

Refresh rate reports in real time. Real time updates are available for 30, 60 or even 90 days ahead.

YieldPlanet tools ensure that pricing decisions are effectively put into place across all business channels. YieldPlanet has provided us with the tools to ensure that our pricing decisions are effectively put into place across all of our business channels and to manage our inventory in a much more efficient manner. The workload and time spent on inventory and rate management has reduced significantly since we started using YieldPlanet’s solutions.

Ashli Nonis

Director of Revenue & Reservations, ResortQuest Whistler, Canada

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