Be Better Hotels

Company description: Be Better Hotels is a technology partner for hoteliers, made by hoteliers. The company works with all types of accommodations such as hostels, cabins, hotel chains, glampings, motels, inns, apart hotels, vacation rentals, etc, providing a full suite of products to improve their operations.

Be Better Hotels in numbers:

  • 600 customers in LATAM
  • 350 integrated partners
  • $160 millions dollars in Annual Reservations
  • 1.44 million of Annual Reservations

Product description: Be Better Hotels aims to optimize one of the most valuable pillars for the modern hotelier: time. By providing all kinds of digital tools such as booking engine, website, pms, digital marketing, email marketing and revenue management, Be Better Hotels helps hoteliers to boost their time to focus on more important facts such as guest experience, service level improvements and enhance their staff potential.
Cooperation with YieldPlanet: Today it is essential to work with integrated tools to centralize all the bookings in a single channel in order to simplify the operations of the reservations department avoiding overbookings and increasing direct sales. Be Better Hotels have been working with Yieldplanet as a certified integrated Booking Engine for almost 10 years.
Geographical focus: LATAM
Property focus: Hotels
FREE set up in Booking Engine for Yieldplanet customers.

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Working together with YieldPlanet, a long-established European company, allows us to complement the suite of tools and services we aim to provide to our clients, to keep growing strongly and steadily and to expand into new markets

Francisco Renó

CEO, Be Better Hotels

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