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Company description: Grupo Class One is a group of computer companies dedicated exclusively to the world of Hospitality. Computer science since 1982 (and linked to the hospitality sector since 1990), their products, among which the SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System) for Smart Seven Stars hotel stands out, have been implemented in more than 160 hotels and chains of great solvency. Grupo Class One central offices in Perillo (Oleiros), as well as delegates and distributors around the world.
Product description: Class One has the SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System) considered the most important in the Spanish market and possibly one of the best in the world, complemented with its entire restaurant environment (POS, Warehouse and MICE), that is, they have All in One solutions, for the Hospitality and Catering sector to which Class One has exclusively dedicated ourselves since 1990. Class One has focused on those points in which other PMS programs in the sector suffer (Y&R Management, KPI’so, Dashboard, Pickup,. Revenue Forecast Comparative Analysis, Yield planned comparative, CRM, Failures and maintenance, Budgeting (USALI), …), of course, added to the “normal” functions of any PMS.
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Hotels
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Integration with YieldPlanet Channel Manager allows hoteliers to reach a hundred of different channels, being able to sale in different markets from one platform in an effortless way.

Javier Sabariz

CEO & President, Class One

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