Navarino Services

Company description: Navarino Services’ Central Reservation System provides a full range of connectivity to reach all of the world’s major booking sources, the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) utilised by travel agents worldwide, Internet Distribution Systems (IDS), Online Travel Agents (OTA), Website and Mobile Booking Engines. We offer continuous growth for more than 750 of our clients in well over 19 countries
Product description: Navarino Services are different. We come from the Hospitality Industry and recognize that our dedication to Service and Support means our great technology is relevant and will make a real and positive change to you, your business and your guests.
Service is still at the heart of a successful hotel and a satisfied guest. We select the best technology solutions, tailor them to your specific needs and apply high quality & high touch support, guidance and service that is unmatched. We work with you.
Cooperation description: Navarino Services provide Hotels with seamless 2-way integration to the industry leading Channel Manager YieldPlanet. This allows Hoteliers to update and manage multiple systems automatically which saves time that can be redirected to enhancing the guest experience. Navarino treats integrations between our hotel customers and a channel manager as property integration.
Geographical focus: UK & Ireland
Property focus: Hotels
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