Channel Manager

Manage your online bookings from a single point of control

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Put online distribution under control

  • Easy-to-use channel management of all online sales channels. Channel Manager calculates and updates all rate plans over selected channels.
  • Saves time - the whole online sale at a single point of control.
  • The modular structure of the tool lets you start with the features you require today.
  • There are no commission fees or hidden costs with Channel Manager. Competitively priced, the tool is available at a fixed annually, quarterly or monthly subscription fee.

Vast choice of online distribution channels

Optimize your online distribution with a balanced mix of channels. With almost 500 OTAs, GDSes and CRSes already connected you can set up your perfect distribution portfolio.

Integration with PMSes

Add online sales channel management to your core business appliaction, the Property Management System. Channel Manager integrates with a range key of PMS packages.

Rule-based automated distribution management

Define the base room type, rate plan and price rules and let the Channel Manager calculate all rate plans for all room types automatically. Predefine up to 20 schemes with individual room and rate plan prices and assign them to grid levels. The Central Allotment function keeps track of bookings and cancellations to adjust the inventory and transmit updated availability to all channels.

Advanced analytics

Understand your revenue and reservations position at a glance. View occupancy and pick-up, and filter it further by individual room type, in real-time or over a selected range of dates. Control your online visibility by monitoring your position on each of your channels' webpages.

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