Price Optimizer

Boost your hotel's revenue and maximize profits

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Your personal revenue management assistant

  • Offers advanced pricing recommendations to maximize RevPAR and Profit for your hotel
  • Provides frequent demand forecasts per segments increasing your forecast accuracy
  • Automates the routine revenue management activities to save time and effort
  • Has all relevant hotel and market information in one central platform
  • Has a tiered pricing structure that allows also small hotels to profit from a professional tool.

Intelligent forecasting

Using large sets of historical data, Price Optimizer factors in event and seasonality into prices. The intelligent forecasting algorithms implemented by this yieldPlanet tool allow you to boost revenue by improving rates rather than lowering margins.

Price Recommendations

The recommendations provided by Price Optimizer can be translated automatically to control inputs for all interfaced and non-interfaced systems, such as Channel Manager and Property Management Systems (PMS) in order to ensure seamless optimisation of all distribution channels.

Analysis of competition prices and guest reviews

Compare prices and price trends against a selected group of competitors over a selected period of time, using data from multiple online distribution channels. Get in-depth analysis of online reviews, which provides detailed insight into what guests like and dislike about their stay in your hotel, and determine how to improve the hotel's rates.

Advanced analytics

The analytics module helps you gain insight into the key revenue management metrics over selected periods of time. The sheer wealth of organised data makes it easy to determine the success of your hotel sales strategy and to plan for even greater future profits.

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