YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer is co-financed from European funds



YieldPlanet S.A. HMO POIR 50/15

YieldPlanet S.A. (former GTH Solutions Sp. z o.o.) is implementing a project co-financed from the European funds, Hotels’ Management Optimizer (HMO) – innovative software of new generation for setting and forecasting prices and managing hotel revenues.

Project aims: development of new advanced algorithms and IT application for forecasting of hotel’s room prices on the basis of the analysis of wide range of internal & external factors, as well as improving hotel’s revenue management.

Planned results: widening the range of offered solutions by adding a new, highly innovative product, and – as a result of it – revenue and profits increase.

Project value: 6.712.291,65 PLN

EU funding: 5.092.280,07 PLN