H2B by TravelFuse

Company description: Technology developed by people for people. TravelFuse team has a wide experience in software. They have witnessed the technological evolution and its multiple advantages. Since 2015 TravelFuse has dedicated our expertise exclusively to the tourism industry and has started this journey thinking to revolutionize Romania’s tourism market. They wish to offer the best software integrated solutions for the bidding-booking process. Besides, TravelFuse also wishes that, by using their products, their partner’s clients, earn a lovely touristic experience. TravelFuse team consists of enthusiastic young people with different professional formation. This way, each of them contributes with his own knowledge to their common view.
Product description: TravelFuse increases the visibility of your offers online and helps you reduce operating costs with travel agencies. H2B fully integrates with YieldPlanet. This means that you can automatically connect with travel agencies in Romania. With H2B, your offers can be available to dozens of agencies, and reservations can be managed much more easily. But this is not all. TravelFuse online partner agencies can promote your accommodation immediately on their website. This means that every month, your offers can be seen by approximately 100,000 potential tourists.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hotels

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We are estimating that, at the present moment, the accommodation units are working with only 5% of the travel agencies on the market. In reverse, the travel agencies promote and sell only 5% of the available accommodations. We would like to change this balance by providing access to more offers. This way we’ll be witnessing a high profile along with the increase profit. We are sure that Romania’s tourism market can grow.
George Cioceanu

CEO, TravelFuse