The future of revenue management in the hotel industry

Oct 17, 2018Revenue Management, Revenue Strategy

Revenue management in the hotel industry is still relatively young and has grown exponentially in the last decade, particularly in the last few years.
This article explores the changing role of revenue management in the hotel industry and the developments which we can expect to see in the near future.

1. Revenue management is moving up a notch

A growing trend of elevating the role of revenue management can be observed in the hotel industry. Many hotels are now seeking the analytical overview and strategic knowledge which only this area can provide. This information and knowledge is used to make key decisions. Revenue managers are increasingly participating in executive committees, with the same status and stature as directors of marketing and sales departments. Equally, many hotels no longer have a revenue manager but rather a director of revenue management, lending far greater weight to the role.

2. The role of revenue management will continue to expand

Revenue management is undergoing constant change, to a far greater extent than other departments. This is due to its close links with technological capability. As technology evolves, analytical methods will be far more powerful.
At the current time, a revenue manager must be able to tackle marketing and sales challenges.

3. Revenue management will expand to other sectors

Revenue management is forecast to expand to other revenue-generating areas in hotels such as hotel restaurants, venue hire, room service and leisure facilities.
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4. Profit management will play a central role for hotels and revenue managers

The increase in importance of revenue managers in hotels is down to one key factor: they are in a unique position to help generate profits. For this reason, the role will increasingly be perceived as profit generation rather than revenue management. As a result, revenue managers are focusing more and more on increasing profit margins instead of increasing revenues.
This focus on profit will intensify this year, as revenue management uses new methods to better understand customers and improve margins.

5. Revenue managers will focus on guest analysis

The hotel sector is more competitive today than ever. Hotels are not only competing with their rivals in the same city, but also with competitors in other cities and even their international counterparts. Online travel agencies, the increase in Airbnb apartments and high demand from guests are making the industry more and more competitive. As a result, hotels are resorting to customer analysis in order to offer better products adapted to each segment.