Inventory restrictions – a key aspect of your revenue management strategy

Inventory restrictions – a key aspect of your revenue management strategy

The condition of the hospitality industry is clearly improving after the difficult pandemic period. The demand is growing, and we are now in the stage of smooth recovery, so this is the best time to focus on cost optimization and boosting the revenue. How to shape and implement winning revenue management strategies in the hotel industry? How to effectively integrate restrictions into your action plan?

Booking Restrictions you should consider while shaping strategy

Continuous monitoring and understanding of booking patterns is the key to the success of any revenue strategy. Knowing the behavior and needs of your guests, you can not only improve your offer, but also wisely implement restrictions that will allow you to maximize the hotel’s revenues. What specific restrictions are we thinking about? You have a lot of possibilities to choose from, but will be better to focus on a few basic restrictions:

  • Minimum Length of Stay – think about giving priority to guests who plan to stay for a longer period when you expect very high demand – e.g. before Christmas or big events. Longer stays bring lots of benefits. You can reduce housekeeping costs; time needed to check in/out and build guests loyalty – the longer they stay the more chance you have to win them over. But no worries, you can always add a release that would allow you to open sales in case if you still have unsold rooms before a certain DTA (days to arrival).
  • Maximum Length of Stay – it may seem that limiting availability by specifying a maximum number of nights a guest can book does not make sense but think about it to protect your property against “ghost” reservations and scammers who make a reservation for 30 days, and then carry out schemes with cards.
  • CTA (Closed to Arrival) – it means your potential guests are not allowed to arrive on that day. Think about this restriction if you do not have staff or for any other reason you do not want to perform check-ins on a given day (e.g. Christmas). CTA may be also useful before special events to facilitate the check-in process better.
  • CTD (Close to Departure) – why to block check-outs on a given day? Mostly to drive more profits for your hotel, but also to better manage reception’s workload over busy periods. How can CTD boost your income? For example, by blocking check-outs on Saturday you can win over those guests who are ready to stay until Sunday. Skillful application of arrival and departure restrictions will work in a similar way as MLOS.

You should also remember to control prices and adjust them to the changing market situation and occupancy rate. Restrictions and skillful price optimization will allow you to get the most out of your hotel’s inventory.

Price Optimizerdynamic price optimization for your hotel

Effective implementation of your revenue management strategy is not a simple task, but don’t worry. You don’t have to do everything on your own. In order to fully use the potential of a hotel, it is necessary to use technology that will analyze many different factors in real time and adjust the offer and pricing policy to them. Check out our Channel Manager and Price Optimizer, which will do most of the work for you.

Price Optimizer offers for example a convenient function adjusting the discount depending on the rooms availability – the higher the occupancy rate, the lower the discount on the non-refundable rate. Worth mentioning here is also the Capture Availability function which limits the availability of rooms in the offer and thus prevents their sale at low prices – for example it avoids group bookings and the commission that must be paid to OTA for such reservations. Thanks to Dynamic Pricing they can be sold at prices that reflect demand level.

Do you want to learn more about how YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer can help you?

Read our last case study and discover how Price Optimizer has helped The Íslandshótel chain to grow and become one of the country’s best and most prospering hotel chains, which hosts thousands of people every year.

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A second wind for your distribution strategy

A second wind for your distribution strategy

Author: Agnieszka Chacińska, KAM at YieldPlanet

Designing a winning distribution strategy is not an easy task. It is not even a one-time task – it is a process. The distributional strategy must respond to the constantly changing needs of customers and the market itself. It also needs to be constantly improved to maximize the profit of the hotel. How can you improve your current distribution strategy?

1) Define your channel mix for market and segments you target (check our suggestions):
To build a successful online distribution strategy you have to think not only about markets you want to target, but also segments of clients that may be interested in your offer. Once you define who you want to attract, concentrate on building tailor-made strategy for specific target groups. Different channels will work well for business clients, and different for individual tourists or tour groups. The better you know the clients you want to attract – their needs, lifestyle, demographic, and preferred booking methods the easier it will be for you to design a winning online distribution strategy.

2) Test new channels
To optimize your revenue management strategy, you should concentrate on promoting direct reservations, strengthening your presence in most important OTAs, but at the same time continuously explore new channels that may help you in growing your business. Hospitality trends change over time – and so should your revenue management strategy. Stay tuned, compare KPIs across all channels, optimize existing ones, and don’t be afraid to experiment with adding new OTAs. Use your Channel Manager to manage everything from one point of control.

3) Make sure your offer for direct guest is at least as good as on OTAs
The fact is that OTA-based guest acquisition is costly. How to convert OTA reservations to direct ones? Make sure your offer for direct guests is at least as good as on OTAs. Ideally, it should be even better. Think about some exclusive benefits – best rate guarantee, late checkout, special treatment during check-in or entire stay (e.g. extra discounts on SPA treatments or dining). You may also think about introducing a loyalty program and definitely about the right post stay targeting campaign.

4) Use knowledge of Booking Windows in your distribution strategy
By understanding booking windows that are specific for every single hotel, market and segment, revenue manager can adjust prices accordingly and as a result reach high occupancy and maximize hotel’s revenues. Check the average booking window and the peak booking time for your property and customers segments and use this information when designing your pricing strategy.

The development of professional competencies is a necessary thing in our industry and very important to me personally. Several years of experience, knowledge, skills in the field of Revenue Management, and achieved CRME title allow me to provide YieldPlanet clients with the best knowledge, which they exactly need and carry forward their business. I think that it is very important for our customers using Price Optimizer to be aware that they cooperate with RM experts.

Agnieszka Chacińska

KAM, YieldPlanet

YieldPlanet is a strong team of experienced and highly competent experts. Every day we are contributing to making our clients’ lives easier and successful and we are very proud to work jointly to complete our mission. 

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YieldPlanet has started to work with the Tecno Campus Mataró!

YieldPlanet has started to work with the Tecno Campus Mataró!

YieldPlanet has started to work with the Tecno Campus Mataró!

The students of  Tourism and Leisure Management and Business Administration and Innovation Management of the TecnoCampus Mataró will have available technological tools for practical application of the knowledge.

The University of Tecnocampus has reached a collaboration agreement with the companies Ubikos, Yieldplanet, Fideltour and Marmirada for the use of its hotel management computer tools to train its students in a test environment with current cutting-edge tools.

The tools that have been made available to train its students in a test environment with current cutting-edge tools: Webs para hoteles, Alojasuite booking engine; UBIKOS (Property Management System), Price Optimizer RMS (Revenue Management System) Yieldplanet Channel Manager and FIdeltour CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from Fideltour, Narcís Serra Director of Studies is pleased that students will now be able to manage, organise, plan and work in a virtual hotel with real tools. “We put tools at the disposal of students to let them learn in a much more practical way”,

Yieldplanet team is proud to be part of this project with the university to help students to become successful professionals in the hospitality industry.

Traveler Value Index

Traveler Value Index

Traveler Value Index

Our partner Expedia Group says travel is a force for good. This was true before the global shutdown of travel in 2020 and remains even more true today. We hope to use the lessons learned during this time of adversity to generate opportunities for the whole global travel ecosystem.

This is why, our partner, Expedia Group has created the Traveler Value Index, new research to understand the impact of the pandemic on traveler behavior and how COVID-19 will continue to influence booking decisions. The Traveler Value Index reinforces what they’ve learned about new expectations on health and safety while pointing towards more industry transformations. For example, travelers are putting more emphasis on values-based booking decisions, like seeking accommodations that share their views on inclusivity and sustainability. And Expedia Group has found that people are so eager to travel that more than a third would swap a salary increase for more vacation days.

Download the “Travel Value Index” e-book by Expedia Group to adapt to new traveler preferences, and to capture post-pandemic demand. From this e-book you will learn:

  • What travelers value in 2021
  • Hotels: Generations split on top consideration
  • Vacation rentals: Financial security is key
  • Air: Refunds fly high
  • Car rental: Flexibility over price
  • Cruises: The environment is top of mind for younger travelers

Download a guide: “Revenue management tips for hoteliers all over the world”

Download a guide: “Revenue management tips for hoteliers all over the world”

Download a guide: “Revenue management tips for hoteliers all over the world”

Together with Agnieszka Chacinska, certified revenue management expert and Key Account Manager at YieldPlanet, we have prepared a free guide “Revenue Management Tips for hoteliers all over the world”

In this guide, Agnieszka shares practical tips, which will help you on your way to success by using revenue management tricks. 

“Revenue Management Tips for hoteliers all over the world” will help you to find answers to the following questions, which every hotelier wonder about, and will also show how to apply all the mentioned hints to your property:

  • How to organize and encourage your team at all levels to reach common goals?
  • How to create the offer, which immediately converts into bookings?
  • How to keep up with trends but also preserve your style?
  • How to optimize your routine work?
  • How to learn from your guests and get to know them better every day?

At the end of the guide, you will also find a checklist, which can be a great help to you in implementing all the advice into your strategy and track the score. Discover what hints you should take into consideration to improve your revenue management strategy now.

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If you have any questions, contacts us by sending an email to

Agnieszka Chacińska, KAM at YieldPlanet, became a Certified Revenue Management Executive

Agnieszka Chacińska, KAM at YieldPlanet, became a Certified Revenue Management Executive

Agnieszka Chacińska, KAM at YieldPlanet, became a Certified Revenue Management Executive

Agnieszka Chacińska has completed the CRME certification program and got certified in Hotel Revenue Management, which means that our clients can now get professional revenue management consultancy at high level from an expert who is clearly conversant with the field’s intricacies and its importance.

The CRME certification program allowed Agnieska to develop her abilities in maximizing clients’ revenue opportunities, helping them to optimize profits by managing revenue, making informed decisions to accept or reject pieces of business to meet overall organizational goals, and being highly competent to develop an infrastructure to support revenue management within the framework of an organization.

The development of professional competencies is a necessary thing in our industry and very important to me personally. Several years of experience, knowledge, skills in the field of Revenue Management, and achieved CRME title allow me to provide YieldPlanet clients with the best knowledge, which they exactly need and carry forward their business. I think that it is very important for our customers using Price Optimizer to be aware that they cooperate with RM experts.

Agnieszka Chacińska

KAM, YieldPlanet

YieldPlanet is a strong team of experienced and highly competent experts. Every day we are contributing to making our clients’ lives easier and successful and we are very proud to work jointly to complete our mission. 

Attracting millenials and families on

Attracting millenials and families on

Attracting millenials and families on

Summer heatwaves combine with cautious optimism in the European hospitality market this year.

Although inoculation is still before the halfway point in most countries, it has been proved to be successful, and travel restrictions are lifted fast across Europe.

International travel will not rebound soon to pre-pandemic levels, but the time for the first holidays since 2019 has come for many Europeans.

Now, as demand for accommodation services is on the rise at least among domestic travelers, has prepared 3 recommendations for properties looking to rise occupancy levels:

1. Activate mobile rates

A Mobile rate is an exclusive discount of 10% higher available only to mobile users both on the app and on a mobile browser. Offering mobile rates increases properties visibility in search results for mobile users. It also increases mobile bookings by 26%.

Two-thirds of mobile bookings are made by millennials. They write more guest reviews than any other traveler segment. By attracting millennials, a property can positively impact its overall ranking as it can become a top pick for mobile guests.

2. Configure child rates

Child rates can help attract more families to your properties

Families stay on average 28% longer and book 27% more stays than couples and solo travelers. has made it easier for your properties to configure their pricing and occupancy policies to attract more families to book.

3. Turn on online payments and see less cancellations

Plenty of bookers like to pay for their stay up-front. These guests are also less likely to cancel than others. will guarantee your properties’ payouts, even when the cards are invalid or fraudulent – so properties don’t have to worry about chasing up payments from guests.

YieldPlanet supports the above recommendations for properties and accommodation managers. All actions can be found and processed in YieldPlanet Channel Manager Opportunities section as pictured below:

Improve 7 bad habits to become a successful hotel revenue manager

Improve 7 bad habits to become a successful hotel revenue manager

Improve 7 bad habits to become a successful hotel revenue manager

Revenue management is a dynamic and constantly changing field. A revenue manager is responsible for making a lot of decisions daily that directly impact net profit of a hotel. Smart pricing strategy and efficient inventory management are the keys to success. To be successful in their role a Revenue manager should not only prepare accurately the strategy, but at the same time be open and flexible, constantly measure the results, draw conclusions, and work hand in hand with new technology.

In an effort to find the best way of handling Revenue duties some habits should be avoided:

1. Lower the price when there is a lack of demand without taking into consideration the booking window.

Sometimes revenue managers have a “magic” number of days before the arrival, some kind of emergency line, crossing which they decrease the price in order to capture the demand. It can be 3 weeks, 15 days, 1 week etc. This approach is too general and does not take into account a specific booking window for a certain date.

Even when we compare the current KPI with data of past periods, we can have an erroneous conclusion. Before pushing the “button of emergency”, a revenue manager should also analyse the situation, demand on the market, competitors’ offer, try to find out the reason for the lack of demand. And only if it looks like pricing movement can help the situation, a manager can proceed with this method.

Some other tricks to avoid dropping the price down can also be used in the situation like opening a new “more economical” category or adding a special offer. The right revenue strategy should raise the price in case of pick up, and not fall from the high price to the low. Honest and respect to other guests that have made the reservation before, expecting to have the best offer because of early booking, is important and necessary for a good online reputation and guest’s trust.

2. Focusing on the general KPI data instead of analysing pick up for each category separately.

The smart approach to pricing policy should involve different characteristics like, for example, client profile, the speed of the pickup, the method of reservation and the rate plane, but also the pickup per category. Depending on the day of the week, season, the purpose of travel our guest can be interested in one or another category.

Observing and analysing the demand of our inventory, we can be focused more on specific customer behaviour, encouraging it with overbookings within the most popular category, adding restrictions, making more accurate revenue and distribution decisions. Inventory management is a “new black” of the hotel industry.

Get The Wheel of Successful Revenue Management!

This coaching tool helps you understand what exactly your property is missing on its way to success. Let us help you to find out what steps you can take to develop it in the nearest future by improving your approach.

3. Not trying to put yourself in a customer place.

Revenue managers should always try walking in their future guests’ shoes. Try to follow the reservation process in different ways, starting to look for a hotel considering your client needs. Check each step a future guest is taking starting from choosing your hotel among others, making the reservation in the booking engine, payment process, analysing the information guests receive upon the reservation is made or even when checkout is done to follow the feedback.

Checking the offer of the competition, the manager should not only compare prices but also online reputation, what they include into the price of accommodation, what services they offer in a hotel, do not forget about the direct offer at the websites. Take a look at the whole picture and try to see if your pricing policy meets the guest’s expectations.

4. Following the same habitual sales strategy and distribution list every year.

Revenue strategy should always remain in constant change. Ideally, it would be good to make notes about changes in demand and customer behaviour to apply that knowledge when the future revenue strategy will be planned. 

Being on the top of ultimate updates in the distribution world is a “must-have” for a revenue manager. Every year the rating of the most popular OTAs is changing, so it is useful to check this data from time to time, updating the distribution list.

5. Not using technology. 

The most important and valuable resource is time. Having the possibility to analyse the information gathered and prepared automatically is a huge benefit. A revenue manager does not have to spend hours preparing Excel tables, comparing data for different periods. All this can be done in a moment.

Automatization has already become an essential part of a hotelier’s life. We already cannot imagine how to live without a channel manager, booking engine. The same importance has a Revenue Management system for efficient revenue management. 

Rapid and productive management of restrictions and pricing policy can be not only a significant advantage over the competition but also a perfect and reliable non-stop working partner.

6. High occupancy is not always a success rate. A revenue manager should concentrate on the net profit.

This undeniable truth is not a secret anymore for any hotel employee. It is important not only to make monthly & yearly distribution cost calculations but also to be ready to terminate disadvantageous contracts if needed and enhance the cooperation with some new partners. We do not have an endless number of rooms to sell, so we have all the rights to make our distribution strategy more effective and profitable. 

Everyday a revenue manager is checking KPI targets and trying to reach a better result. Our main goal is not to have daily high occupancy, but to find the perfect balance in terms of revenue strategy to generate more net income and it depends only on our actions.

7. Not sharing your revenue strategy with other departments.  

Transparency and effectiveness of internal communication is an essential base of hotel activity. The reservation department, front office, sales team should always be aware of revenue strategy and follow the same line. They should know not only what restrictions we do have, but it might be useful to give them some short explanation. That way we do not only give them information but also help them to understand and to support us in achieving our goals. 

The whole team should work for the best result not only for their department but for the final objective of a hotel. That is why it is always a good idea to have the part of employee motivation depending on the final result, not only on personal achievements. This way hotel staff will be interested in meeting the best expectations but also can provide a revenue manager with useful and important information.

Long tail supply meets long tail demand

Long tail supply meets long tail demand

Long tail supply meets long tail demand

Text by Nuitee Travel

The travel industry is facing the biggest challenge ever. We all players are looking at ways to reinvent ourselves, become more efficient, broaden the horizons and change some of our old ways of doing business. Finding a new set of customers, finding new partners, adapting and adopting technology, becoming more agile. All sounds good in theory, now the questions are where to start, where can I find some low hanging fruit that can add value to my business without killing my budget?

Among many areas we would like to crack the long tail demand and supply dilemma. A very large number of properties have contracts with the big folks (booking, expedia, etc). Fair enough, done. What else is out there for me, the hotelier?. Where can I find new distribution in a scalable way so I can showcase my hotel all over while still remaining under control?. Well, there are lots of other distribution and marketing options however you need to first find them and then you also need to contact them one by one. Bummer.

We all agree it is neither enough selling power nor strategically right for hotels just to contract with the big ones. There are also direct sales as well as a myriad of niche market players, such as Nuitee Travel. We can offer hotels the chance to diversify the business and the dependency risk. The problem for the hotel is to contact one by one those niche players, find the right ones and set up connectivity, T&Cs, etc. etc. Not scalable. You need access to marketing/distribution and sales in a scalable manner.

On this side of the table, at Nuitee Travel, we also have the same need, access to more products – your hotel – in a scalable manner. Going one by one, hotel by hotel, it is a long and tedious process. So how can we solve the dilemma of “long tail supply meets long tail demand”?

The answer is the partnership between Nuite Travel and YieldPlanet, that makes it simple by allowing hotels to be distributed through Nuitee’s worldwide network of affiliate partners in a seamless way. Hotels just need to visit our dedicated site for an easy sign up and you will soon be live and selling with Nuitee. Simple, easy and straightforward.

Interested in knowing more about Nuitee – YieldPlanet partnership and how to benefit? Learn more in our Interactive Integration List:



 Nuitee’s worldwide hotel offer makes it easy for travel agencies, tour operators, corporate travel management companies and airlines to access hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide from multiple sources with a simple and easy-to-develop API based interface.

Pricing flexibility on a road to recovery. Act fast

Pricing flexibility on a road to recovery. Act fast

Pricing flexibility on a road to recovery. Act fast

On the way to hospitality industry recovery, we will probably still in 2021 witness many twists and turns – opening and closing borders, loosening and tightening local restrictions, limiting guests in accommodation properties, keeping restaurants closed and serving takeaways only, limiting access to main attractions, requiring immunity passports etc. How to operate in such uncertain and difficult to predict conditions? How to prepare your property to new market condition adoption?

Channel Manager is a tool which will help you in managing your property efficiently on the way to full recovery and adapting quickly to new market conditions. Now, more than ever before, you need a tool offering you great flexibility in starting or stopping sales, modifying rates or opening and managing only selected channels instead of all of them. With a right revenue management strategy and a tool that helps you automate the most of the task you will be able to act fast and adopt your business to a fast-paced environment.

What you should take into consideration on your road to recovery?

#1 Price flexibility is super important now – use grids functionality

For such unpredictable times we have now you should choose the right pricing strategy and have an option to change it easily and quickly when needed. And here comes the grids functionality that allows you freely and within a few seconds reload prices. Think in advance of possible price options at your property, introduce up to 30 ready price lists and change them in seconds whenever you need it. Current fast-paced environment might not give you much time to think how to react to changing market conditions. You need to be prepared and act really quick.

While working on a new pricing strategy have in mind that some of your services can be closed (e.g. restaurants, gym, spa) – adjust your prices accordingly or think about other values you can provide instead. Of course you can decrease prices in the hope of stimulating demand, but this may not be the best idea, especially if it comes to your property brand image. Think instead about targeting the new customer groups – those who are ready and able to travel at a given time. The right move will be also making the whole booking process as flexible as possible. This should influence booking decisions of your potential guests.

#2 Use the Channel Manager to open, block or restrict sale in selected periods

Having a reliable Channel Manager is now more important than ever before. Restrictions are now starting to ease but every time they may be tightened back again, thus you need to be prepared for every single scenario – bookings increase and wave of cancellations, restrictions easing and imposing new ones. To handle these you require a tool that allows you to easily manage the whole booking process and sales in all channels.

In case not all channels should be made available during certain periods switch to managing availability per channel. Be ready for the reloading system fast when demand is back. Having such a support in Channel Manager you can also think about testing new channels and attracting new groups of customers. In such a difficult time for your business you can’t rely on a few distribution channels only.

#3 Introduce automation to manage guest limits in your property with revenue rules

In difficult pandemic times you need to be prepared for adopting in a timely manner all newly imposed restrictions to stop spreading the virus. Thus there may be a need to temporarily close the hotel and cancel all reservations within a few days only or adhere all the bookings to the current guests limit.

This makes managing your reservations more difficult than ever before and really time consuming if done without proper software. Here also a good Channel Manager will give you a helpful hand. How? By allowing you to manage guest limits in your hotel with revenue rules. You don’t need to do anything manually and monitor the number of bookings all the time. Set up a proper rule and be sure you won’t welcome more guests than allowed in given time.

Get the RMS now, pay when the demand is back!

Get the RMS now, pay when the demand is back!

Get the RMS now, pay when the demand is back!

Do you think RMS is too expensive a tool to invest in now? Or that it only works when there are reservations?

We want to support the hospitality industry and invest in your business by helping you prepare for the return of demand. For the first time, we are offering a special trial period on Price Optimizer RMS.

With the RMS support package, you will get:

  1. Our certified revenue managers will provide comprehensive consultation on the sales and distribution strategy for your hotels.
    2. We will connect and configure Price Optimizer Start RMS for all your facilities.
    3. If the hotel is closed and staff is reduced, PO RMS will optimize the future dates of stay.
    4. Whenever there is the slightest increase in demand, the PO RMS will respond automatically, generating an increase in bookings and revenues.
    5. You can focus on keeping your guests safe and comfortable.

You will use the tool free of charge as long as the occupancy is not sufficient to cover the cost of the tool. Each hotel is unique, so details are arranged individually.

The system works round the clock, so it never sleeps. It is an exceptional partner in quickly obtaining the key data to make the right decisions. It is a development product – it’s always changing and adapting to the needs of the organization”.

Download the case study with Dobre Hotel and learn more about how Price Optimizer RMS can help your facility react to market volatility.

Business Travel Accommodation Trends

Business Travel Accommodation Trends

Business Travel Accommodation Trends

Text by ApartmentsOnline

As businesses are consistently changing into worldwide leading to a considerable rise in corporate travel as an everyday occurrence, the serviced apartment sector is rapidly growing bringing a plethora of short or extended stay options such as furnished apartments or aparthotels as alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation. With a view to meeting global mobility demands, serviced apartments have now become more appealing to the corporate world offering a number of cost-effective key benefits that hotels cannot match and simultaneously reflecting the concept of a modern converted working environment.

Corporate travellers increasingly value the benefits of serviced apartments which are constantly transforming and gearing up to suit all their occupants’ business expectations with innovative quality services and achieve homely creativity within accommodation industry. The new alternative workplace needs to successfully combine both aspects of comfortable indoor living and casually working anytime of the day to make perfect sense for business. Therefore, the ideally designed accommodation product should cater for a range of corporate amenities for daily use provided with fewer add-on charges from modern technology solutions and hi-tech workstations with personal broadband lines and fast Wi-Fi connections to diversity and utilisation of space as well as privacy and location flexibility. All these are important factors to consider and are believed to achieve a successful work-life balance and enhance workers’ productivity. In addition, well-timed cleaning services or laundry machines as well as in-unit kitchens with latest domestic appliances all of which are offered with lower running costs contribute to rendering the new standard of Serviced Apartments the best choice when seeking to find optimal accommodation at the most feasible price.

The major corporate serviced apartment operators are increasingly expanding their B2B portfolios to diversify their product in the online segment and boost the business travel experience linking a various choice of upscale and mid-priced properties with corporate clients across all industries placing themselves as total accommodation providers. Sourcing the market and booking highest-serviced accommodation at competitive rates through user-friendly and innovative client portals have never been easier. Thus, many property firms in numerous cities worldwide are engaging in partnerships with corporate travel services in order to appeal to customers looking to fit lodging alternatives with great value for money into their business plans.

Furthermore, thanks to technological advances in distribution in addition to the quest for an efficient way to get on top of their online business and optimise visibility for today’s traveller, business accommodation operators are getting connected with Channel Managers. The two-way integration between them allows property owners to distribute as well as update availabilities so that listings can be offered to the right person the right time. Cross-distribution throughout different channels is considered a key success factor for the dynamic serviced apartment sector as it has become a powerful and precise solution in order to rise to the challenges of online distribution and bookings which will enable them to reach a captive audience worldwide and make the most of their real-time channel management features.

In terms of corporate travel, the evolving serviced apartment industry could be recognised not only as a natural choice and new preferred way of guest accommodation but also a win-win solution for the parties involved. As a result of the high facilitation level provided which is acknowledged by a wide spectrum of corporates in the global market such as banking organisations, relocation, construction, insurance companies, medical tourism, services sector, Information Technology Enabled Services and many more, in combination with the advanced booking and distribution platforms, it is no wonder that serviced apartments are ranking first as the ideal travel management solution and creating new guest experiences which are here to stay. ApartmentsOnline created by a team of passionate hospitality experts with the vision to offer the best accommodation booking service for their clients are committed to enhance the business travel experience utilising their expertise to provide high quality serviced apartments and aparthotels, with exceptional value for money, to clients all around the world.

Top 8 educational materials about revenue management

Top 8 educational materials about revenue management

Top 8 educational materials about revenue management

Revenue management, as an ever-changing multifaceted discipline, encourages people behind key revenue decisions to move constantly with the times. Nowadays revenue managers should be more skillful when it comes to their analytical skills, ideas and business acumen, and remain competitive in this evolving environment.

Following Top 5 recommendations of revenue management materials composed by our RMS expert, Anna Raykhlina, offer you tools and insights to find entirely new ways to focus the attention, analyse the data and react to capture the demand.

(Click on the name of the article to learn more.)

1. Upselling Tips and Examples to Improve Your Hotel Marketing Strategy (Free E-Book: Hotel Marketing COVID Recovery Strategy included). (Revfine)
Lately upselling has become an essential part of hotel sales strategy. Revenue management has smoothly entered the daily life of almost every department. In this article  you can find tips and examples on how to make both revenue and marketing play in one team.

2. Are Attribute-Based Bookings the New Standard for Hotels? Including the video from Skift Forum. (Revfine)
Another level of personalization is becoming more and more popular. The property can offer the possibility to personalize a reservation. Just splitting the product and letting the guest choose what they are really interested in. It is called attribute-based booking.

3. How hotels can measure their success in 2021. (eHotelier)
Revenue managers always use certain KPIs to measure the results. During the pandemic the focus shifted to TRevPAR and GOPPAR over RevPAR. Here you can find more useful reflections on this topic.

4. The top 8 travel trends that hotels need to act on to capture demand in 2021. (
Innovations in the world of advertising and technology, new profit opportunities, the market search and some other trends to help the hotelier capture the demand are mentioned in this article.

5. What are your online distribution costs and is there a way to reduce them? (YieldPlanet)
Now, more than ever, the business seeks to reduce expenses and increase the net profit. A clever approach can help not only to achieve the objectives but even exceed those. This article gives hoteliers a wide perspective on property’s online distribution costs operation and helps to understand how to manage it properly.

As an added bonus, Top 3 revenue management podcasts for busy hoteliers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the constantly changing industry:

1. Revenue Hub
Useful and interesting podcast, Revenue Hub invites hospitality experts from over the world to talk about revenue management, digital marketing, electronic distribution and technology.

2. The Proven Principles Hospitality
Hosts invite hospitality experts to discuss operational processes in the hotel, give some tips to improve guest satisfaction and make a business more profitable.

3. SHR Soundbites
Hoteliers and other hospitality experts talk about revenue strategies, online reputation and technology.

Saving winter holidays – opportunities for properties in ski resorts

Saving winter holidays – opportunities for properties in ski resorts

Saving winter holidays – opportunities for properties in ski resorts

Skiing in most European winter resorts has been restricted, due to latest outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Shutting ski lift to stop the spread of Covid-19 was imposed widely by either national or local governments.The season between Christmas through New Year and January 6th Epiphany holidays is traditionally the most important time of the year for many skiing properties.

Now, as hotel revenues related to the ski season at Christmas and the New Year are mostly gone there is still a cautious hope for some benefits when the infection rate slows before the end of the winter and part of restrictions are lifted. At the beginning of 2021 we will probably still see dramatic changes in demand for skiing properties related to loosening or toughening restrictions or quarantining travelers from specific countries or regions at short notice.

Travelers faced with extremaly high level of uncertainity this winter season can be more willing to book if they are not afraid of high cancellation penalties in case of rapid changes in travel plans. That is why major OTAs like, Expedia or Airbnb are encouraging skiing properties to address dramatic changes in demand by attracting bookers with flexibility in cancellation policies, refunds and easing minimum length of stay restrictions for 2021 stays. has prepared by far the most comprehensive business advice program for skiing properties in these difficult times. The program consist of several opportunities for each property in 4 major pillars: offering flexibility, reducing workload, securing bookings and setting up a sustainable rate plan. A mix of opportunities may work well for skiing properties to get more bookings when restriction are loosened, just to name a few options:

– Allowing free cancellation for longer can gain properties bookings from travellers in the current situation. Free cancellation rates are generally the most expensive and the most booked rate options.

– Offering last minute deals will help properties catch the attention of guests looking to book stays on short notice. As demand can pick up any time before the end of skiing season it is worth considering setting up promotions in advance.

– Properties can display the extended health and safety measures they are taking on their property page on Additional information about hygiene, social distancing and food safety can reassure potential guests and give them confidence to book.

– Offering mobile rates increases properties visibility in the search results for mobile users. It also increases mobile bookings by 26%. Once the slopes are made available for skiers again increase in last minute bookings via mobile devices is expected.

– Implementing child rates can result in more family stays. Families stay on average 28% longer and book 27% more stays than couples and solo travellers.

YieldPlanet supports all recovery plans prepared for properties and accommodation managers. All recovery opportunies be found and processed in YieldPlanet Channel Manager Opportunities section as picture above.

Download an e-book: “RMS algorithms during the pandemic: challenge or opportunity?”

Download an e-book: “RMS algorithms during the pandemic: challenge or opportunity?”

Download an e-book: “RMS algorithms during the pandemic: challenge or opportunity?”

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality business was one of the sectors which were hit the hardest. Nevertheless, we truly believe that awareness of the situation and proper preparation can bring a perfect solution, help to save many hotel properties from closure and breathe life into them again when the vaccine is generally available, restrictions are lifted and travellers are back. Therefore, our experts prepared free practical e-book: “RMS algorithms during the pandemic: challenge or opportunity?”

From this e-book you will learn:

  • how the algorithms work in Price Optimizer
  • what challenges and opportunities COVID-19 has brought
  • how we can use this knowledge to react upon the crisis

Download free e-book now:

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If you have a question, contacts us by sending an email to

What are your online distribution costs and is there a way to reduce them?

What are your online distribution costs and is there a way to reduce them?

What are your online distribution costs and is there a way to reduce them?

Online distribution costs are one of the main elements impacting the bottom-line profitability of hotel operations. As such, this cost element deserves closer attention, especially now during the crisis, when our businesses are suffering due to the pandemic.  

The standard sales commissions applied by the vast majority of OTAs are most often fixed, almost nonflexible cost elements. Consequently, most hotels are undertaking considerable efforts to reduce the share of their online agency sales in favor of direct channels.

This should be a rather obvious tendency especially if we consider that the vast majority of demand during the crisis was channeled towards leisure and resort hotels which usually offer diversified packages best displayed through their websites and not standard OTAs which are less adapted to distribute package deals.  Strangely enough, our initial observations show that this is by no means not the case.

The processed data from all Yieldplanet users in Europe indicates that compared to the same summer period of last year, the share of direct booking increased only by a single percentage point from 8 to 9%.

Considering that due to the pandemic, many of the resort hotels recorded considerably better results in terms of occupancy and revenue compared to the previous summer season, the conclusion might be that not enough attention and effort was dedicated to introducing proper distribution policies.

Proper distribution policies should also address the costs of direct sales. Although sales through the Hotel’s Booking Engine are not subject to standard OTA commissions, they often also do not come cheap.  This is especially true if we look at the already mentioned leisure and resort Hotels.

Most Booking Engine providers apply commissions for their services. These commissions are obviously much lower than the OTA levels but if we consider that the majority of direct sales of the resort hotels consist of long stay packages, the resulting cost can be substantial.

This should be reason enough to look for alternatives and find providers where fixed fees can be negotiated. We at Yieldplanet are ready to assist.

Fixed fees for the services of the Channel Manager in the form of a subscription fee (monthly, quarterly or annual) has always been the business model applied by our company. It has also come to our attention, that due to the pandemic, some providers have persuaded their clients to switch to commission-based models. Considering the pandemic, when there is almost no traffic, this at first glance might seem reasonable.

Very often however, this strategy might prove disastrous. Especially the resort hotels which managed to prosper. They are now faced with enormous distribution costs. The issue of distribution cost based either on commissions or fixed fees, should clearly be carefully addressed by all Hotels. If you require our assistance in evaluating the optimal distribution policy do not hesitate to contact us here:

Apart from the channel management services which we have been providing for over 11 years, our company has developed and successfully implemented a unique revenue management system called Price Optimizer.

Why unique? Because we encompass an advanced price recommendation system which yields the hotel per room type 24 hours a day, with immediate real time distribution capabilities. The distribution capabilities include a wide range of restrictions and can be individually adapted depending on channel. There is no need to go through any “accept and upload” procedures.

We will be happy to provide you with more information.

The crisis has and still is strongly affecting our operations. Hopefully we will soon see a light at the end of the tunnel. Many foresee that in the near future we should prepare ourselves for a wave of “Revenge Travel” which will unleash the demand for our services. Hopefully this time will come soon.

In the meantime, we encourage you to consider the use of YieldPlanet’ services both during the time of crisis management as well as to best prepare for the better times ahead.

KWHotel update: even more functional connection with YieldPlanet

KWHotel update: even more functional connection with YieldPlanet

KWHotel update: even more functional connection with YieldPlanet

We are pleased to announce that KWHotel has implemented a number of updates and can boast an even more functional connection with YieldPlanet!

New updates include faster order download, improved mechanism of verifying order list and getting certified to deliver Closed To Departure (CTD) and Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS) parameters to YieldPlanet.

KWHotel and YieldPlanet users main benefists from new connections are:

  • possibility of applying Closed To Departure (CTD) and Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS) directly in KWHotel software

  • faster downloads of the list of reservations, modifications and cancellations from YieldPlanet, confirming taken orders which allows YieldPlanet to monitor the quality of the connection 

  • access to YieldPlanet PriceOptimizer RMS – thanks to the latest PMS update KWHotel is fully compatible with the PriceOptimizer RMS system

  • opening up path for KWHotel clients to fully automate price management

  • thanks to the automatic transfer of current prices to KWHotel from YieldPlanet, prices in PMS and BE KWhotel can be as dynamic as those in or Expedia

New KWHotel functionalities are available to all customers using KWHotel and YieldPlanet synchronization.

About KWHotel

KWHotel is an advanced software for hotels intended for all accommodation facilities: hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments, holiday centers, campsites and many others. The main advantage of the hotel program indicated by KWHotel customers is its intuitive and simple operation despite continuous expansion, many advanced options and modules.


Transitioning from short stay tourism to the mid-term housing market for a sustainable rental income

Transitioning from short stay tourism to the mid-term housing market for a sustainable rental income

Transitioning from short stay tourism to the mid-term housing market for a sustainable rental income

Text by HousingAnywhere

The short-term rental market, with guests staying anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, has enjoyed an explosion in demand followed by an influx of investors over the last few years. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused any excitement for a good summer season to evaporate. At the same time longer term projections for the short-stay market are also under threat by the implementation of restrictive legislation in many of the most popular destinations around the world. Instead, investors might be better off setting their sights on the mid-term rental market, exchanging high, but volatile income for sustainable, predictable cash flows that enable growth.

When demand plummets overnight

The world had seen travel restrictions before, without any real long-term consequences. But then, countries like Italy started quarantining entire regions of the country and major companies started sending their workforce to work from home. For short-term accommodation providers, what was supposed to be a record summer full of travelers, tourists and weekend wanderers, turned into a market that ground to a halt almost completely over the weekend. Google Trends shows us that the interest in the world’s biggest bed-and-breakfast site decreased by over 75% in a matter of weeks. Worst of all, nobody really knows when the Corona crisis will be over or, perhaps more importantly, if things will even go back to the way they were before the virus?

“Google Trends shows us that the interest in the world’s biggest bed-and-breakfast site decreased by over 75% in a matter of weeks.”

“Nobody knows when the Corona Crisis will be over, nor if things will even go back to normal.”

When the rules of the game change while playing

At the same time, the short-term rental market is facing local threats that could impact the long-term viability of the global short stay market. Where acquiring and renovating properties was well worth the investment due to virtually nonexistent short-term rental regulations and premium prices to meet the demand, this will no longer be the case in the near future. In many countries, the already volatile housing markets of popular cities were further disrupted by the arrival of a large number of short-term providers. As a result, governments and municipalities all across Europe have passed or are drafting legislation to regulate the short stay market. These measures range from requiring special permits, capping short stay rentals at a max of 60 days a year, setting up quotas for popular neighborhoods and even include contractual constraints. For many providers, this means a large chunk of their projected income is no longer guaranteed.

“Many short-term providers just like you are looking for an alternative.”

With both the long and short-term results of the market under pressure, it’s not strange that many short-term providers are looking for an alternative. Thankfully, there is no need to jump ship. Instead, a shift in strategy in order to meet the needs of your local housing market could mean a relatively painless solution.

Shifting gears

While demand for the international short stay market has collapsed, housing markets across Europe are still buckling under demand from locals, international students and highly educated expat workers. Rental prices have been steadily rising for years, but still the supply cannot meet all the demand. 

While your target audience is different than before, they are still hungry for ready-to-go rooms, studios or apartments close to their work or studies. The hard-working tenants that will stay with you for anything from a semester to a year are also willing to pay extra for the services you already provide to the city hopping weekend crowd. International students or expats often arrive on Saturday and start work on Monday. This means they are happy to pay extra for the fully equipped kitchen, the weekly cleaning service, high speed internet and included Netflix account that allows them to simply unpack their bags and focus on settling in.

What’s different is that you’re exchanging weekend guests for longer term, contracted tenants. For you, this means less frequent mutations and stable long-term income through monthly payments. At the same time, you avoid the risk of being stuck with a tenant for years on end by focusing on the mid-term rental market. All in all, this keeps your business agile, able to respond to changes in demand and seasonality without your cash flow running dry over the weekend.

 “… give yourself the stability to focus on the growth of your rental business.”

At the same time, these longer-term tenancies allow you to scope a more robust projection of your future rental income. You have plenty of time to find new tenants and you know exactly how much your home will earn you in the coming months. This gives you the stability to focus on the growth of your rental business and makes it easier to secure the additional funding to realize that growth. After all, your now stable rental income counts towards securing a loan for your next properties. Over time, your business will grow into something more and more passive and sustainable for the long term.

Finding a new home for your business

Even though your properties are ready for a transition, you are still entering a new rental market. You’ll be dealing with different legislation, new target audiences and the market’s own quirks and pitfalls. Where short stay platforms are king in getting your place booked for the weekend, you now need a different strategy to convince potential tenants to come live at your place for months on end.

 “Roughly 60% Tenants on HousingAnywhere book their stay for a period of 3-6 months.

As a housing platform, HousingAnywhere has over a decade of experience in matching landlords with the right tenant time and time again. Roughly 60% Tenants on our platform book their stay for a period of 3-6 months. Before, guests might have booked blindly, but for longer term tenants, communication is now key. For example, tenants will reach out to you, introduce themselves and ask questions. Initially making it more time consuming than a blind booking but making it much easier to find the right match for your place. This might seem strange at first but getting to know a prospective tenant will save you time and effort in the long run by preventing friction, damage or rental arrears. Additionally, bookings now give you peace of mind for months on end, instead of having you hustle to get your accommodations booked every weekend. 

Pricing your place is also a different ballgame, as you need to adapt to new kinds of seasonality and different pricing strategies based on location, quality, and property type. HousingAnywhere helps landlords navigate these changes, using data to predict the optimal pricing strategy in their neighborhood, using the  RentRadar tool. The platform also includes a Rent Index data report so landlords are also kept up to date with the latest trends in the European market. Recovery Toolkit Recovery Toolkit Recovery Toolkit

The COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges both for society and our industry. It is clear that the unconventional approach is more important than ever before to tackle the far-reaching effects of Coronavirus pandemics. has gathered market insights, tools, and advice from experts to help hoteliers and accommodation managers work through these difficult times. The company recognizes three stages of recovery:

  1. Lockdown with extremely limited travel activity
  2. Recovery characterized by slowly rebounding of domestic travel
  3. Extended recovery described a gradual increase in international flights and travel

The bad news is that as of the end of July 2020 around 7% of all countries are still in the lockdown phase, but the good one that 20% of countries benefit from the extended recovery stage.

Depending on the recovery stage and market conditions has prepared a recovery action plan for all properties focused on 4 pillars:

  • Reducing workload by e.q. informing potential guests on Health and Safety standards so that travelers can find extensive hygiene, food, and distancing measures the top of a property page or letting properties to modify reservation stay dates with no restrictions.
  • Offering flexibility by allowing guests to book in advance with flexibility and with the possibility to cancel up to 24 hours before check-in or encouraging partners to allow children in their property to attract family travelers
  • Setting up a sustainable rate plan by offering travelers a variety of rates and policies that can attract potential customers like for example using occupancy-based pricing, mobile rates or setting up family rooms and pricing
  • Securing bookings by boosting visibility and ranking high on’s search pages which can be achieved via joining Genius or Preferred Programme

YieldPlanet cheerfully supports all recovery plans prepared for hoteliers and accommodation managers. All recovery suggestions can be found and processed in YieldPlanet Channel Manager Opportunities section:

The recovery toolkit by consists of 25 selected options, please check them either in YieldPlanet Channel Manager Opportunities or directly at extranet.

Strategies for hotel revenue managers in COVID times: brace your business upfront! Part II

Strategies for hotel revenue managers in COVID times: brace your business upfront! Part II

Strategies for hotel revenue managers in COVID times: brace your business upfront! Part II

While COVID-19 has brought the hospitality industry to a standstill, at YieldPlanet we believe that by providing our clients with the right advice we will win this battle together. Therefore our team of experienced and certified revenue managers has prepared a list of the tips and recommendations of what you can do to start getting ready for the market bounce back already today and outpace your competitors. Check out the first part of this anticrisis list here [LINK] and keep learning!

1. Local market.  

When the situation starts to improve, and life starts getting back to normal, movements between countries and cities still will remain difficult during some period. The domestic travel most probably will be increased in comparison to previous years. 

Check your reviews
Local people have a bigger choice, so an excellent online reputation will be your pros. Answer to your reviews – the feedback is important. Let people know about all the services you offer and keep staying in touch. 

Local people area
Review the most popular channels and forums that local people use when they are looking for plans for the weekend. Check the integration list,  to find channels local people use. Every area has its leaders. Think about how you can improve your offer for local people (packages, promotions) and try to find the best platforms to present yourself there. 

Review your competition
You can start by checking your competitors: packages, prices, promotions. Use additional value to complete your offer, give to your guests a bit more than others (welcome drink, discount for the dinner at the hotel restaurant, free parking, possible late check out etc.). To be updated with the latest news you can follow your competition at social media and see what they offer, analyse their offers and improve yours. 


Update your competition set
Monitoring the market situation, don´t forget to keep the list of your competition updated. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and compare all these points with your competitors.
Do some research at your engine using the name of your city, famous sights and conference stages nearby, extra service or good points you have (SPA, terrace view, central location, Eco-friendly etc.). You will find more accommodation options to compare. You can also open popular channels and travel platforms, find your hotel and check similar accommodations, recommended below. Even if you know that some of these recommendations are not your competition, take a look to know what your potential guest could be proposed to. 

Analyse the data you have before making changes
Take advantage of the reports you can find in the analytic systems you work with. Examine the data provided by the revenue management system or channel manager to understand your clients better. This will help you work with prices, rate plans and will assist you to optimize your current structure. Data analysis can prompt you unexpected solutions: additional services cost changes, differences between categories, new distribution ideas, promotion ideas etc.
Maybe it’s a good time to finally implement a proper segmentation? 

Update your event calendar
Most of the events were cancelled but some of them were rescheduled. Update the calendar and prepare the strategy in advance. 

3. Content 

Attractive pictures and descriptions
Capture attention, convey the hotel mood, give clear and complete information about the accommodation, compel a sense of confidence that this is what the guests were looking for and let them be happy with their choice. Take as an advantage the time you have now to choose truly “sweet” pictures. Correct your descriptions if needed. Try to provide only necessary information to win every second of the customer’s attention.  

Adjust the information at all OTA you are presented
Don´t be afraid to delete old pictures if you have new ones. Use different pictures for each of the different categories you have. The customer has to clearly understand the distinction. Check the information on additional services, taxes and cancellation policy. 

Give the priority to your own website
This is not only the hotel face but also the most important booking channel. In times of crisis, lower commission payments will be an absolute help in reducing hotel expenses. Verify translation into different languages, maybe you have time to add a new one, based on the historical data about your guest’s nationality. 

Extra tips:  Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What is she going to look for after the long time of social distancing? What kind of additional services will be mostly appreciated? How does she want to feel? Try to show it from the very first moment. 

4. Direct reservations 

Website conversion
Check if the booking engine is working properly. (When was the last time you tried to make a reservation at your own property?) Make sure that there are no mistakes in settings and whether the hotel information is clearly stated. Ask your account manager or website support what can be improved to increase the conversion. Check with them the rate plans and cancellation policy information, photos and descriptions of all room categories you have. Look into your promotions and special offers. Think what else you can do to make your customers finish their booking at your webpage? People don’t like to spend a lot of time reading conditions choosing the appropriate option. Help them with their choice, make it user-friendly, simple and logical. 

Digital marketing
While under the quarantine your marketing budgets might have been cut, the activity of people on social media has increased. Activity on social media doesn’t cost money if you already have some visual content and a good idea. Think about an attractive promotion with flexible conditions. No need to lower the price too much, but you can include more extra benefits, making your offer more interesting and complete.
Inform your followers about the measures taken due to Covid19 (increased attention to cleaning, taking care of the guests and hotel staff healthy etc.). Actively answer questions the guests might ask. Keep your answers polite and positive to maintain good vibes. 

Dealing with cancellations
Try to win back those who have cancelled their bookings recently. Reach out to them and offer them a special rate for the long term stay date – you already got their interest and you can still use it. It can be a direct email for the guest who made a direct reservation or, if still there is a possibility, you can send an email through the OTA chart.
Depending on the additional services you have, you can offer a discount for dinner in the hotel restaurant or free breakfast, a discount for accommodation or a free massage in the SPA.  

Customer base
Reaching out to your guests email base is almost free of charge. Write your loyal customers a personal email. They will appreciate your attention and caring. Inform about new packages and promotions you create. Give the special bonus or an extra discount for the first couple of months. 

We have a special Price Optimizer Revenue Management System helping program where we offer 3 months for free. Learn more here.

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