January Channel Manager Updates

Jan 19, 2021Channel Manager

Mass Update of prices, allotments and restrictions

Managing prices and restrictions of any property requires intensive data analysis as well as efficient tools supporting speedy rate and inventory changes. Mass update section in the Channel Manager can help you insert new rates or restrictions even faster now by managing multiple combinations at once. In case of inserting any data for unrelated products users can simply add new combinations below the first one and save much time.

Managing channels individually with PMS connected

YieldPlanet can help you setting rate, allotment or restriction values for one or many channels individually even if you centrally manage data via your Property Management System (PMS). The Channel Manager grants you the possibility to modify data for selected channels with the “equal to per hotel” option that has been recently improved to give you even more flexibility.

Override rate plan restrictions (Min/Max LOS – Release Days)

The Channel Manager allows you to apply restrictions like minimum or maximum stay or release days on rate plan level and / or directly at the calendar for each day individually. In case you operate on both levels you can right now while changing rate plan general settings make a decision what to do with daily values set on the calendar. There is an option of overriding any values set previously on the calendar or simply keep them intact.

Example:  User defined minimum length of a stay of 2 as a default value at a rate plan level. For Easter and New Year’s Eve though minimum length of a stay was set as 5 directly on the calendar. Now there is a need to modify the rate plan’s minimum stay to 3. The user should make a decision whether to override previously set values for Easter and New Year’s Eve with minimum length of a stay of 3 or simply keep it intact as 5.