Vacation accommodation

Are you taking advantage of your full online sales potential? We are integrated with various OTAs dedicated to hostels, vacation rentals and B&B’s. Automate online distribution with our user-friendly and affordable solutions.

Independent hotels

Do you use the right mix of online sales channels? Choose from YieldPlanet’s vast selection of OTAs, GDSes and wholesalers from local to global portals. Manage online multiple rate plans and monitor prices and trends against a selected group of competitors.

Hotel chains

How can you boost revenue and increase profit? YieldPlanet solutions help you to manage multiple rate plans, price grids and sophisticated sale scenarios. We offer revenue management solutions and integration with dozens of PMSes.

Nearly 500 integrations

Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager provides a single point of control for all your online distribution channels. Dedicated for hotels all sizes, automates the channel management and transmission of prices, restrictions and availability information to OTA partners. The tool also offers analytical functions which help hoteliers to make informed decisions to drive revenue and profit.

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Meet the family of yieldPlanet products

Price Optimizer START

Is an easy to use revenue management tool for the hotels, aparthotels and other type of properties. Fully integrated with Channel Manager enables you to have one system to control your hotel's prices. Price Optimizer START recommends the optimal prices for your hotel’s online distribution based on demand and the hotel's pricing strategy.

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Price Optimizer

yieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer is an advanced Revenue Management system that allows hoteliers to optimize revenue through profit distribution. Our Price Optimizer identifies and recommends pricing to match a hotel's strategy and capitalizes on dynamic consumer behavior through extensive data analysis.

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Price Shopper

yieldPlanet’s Price Shopper is a reporting tool providing hoteliers with rapid comparison of prices and price trends against a selected group of competitors over a selected period of time, using data from multiple online distribution channels. The tool offers both preconfigured and ad-hoc reports via an intuitive, graphical interface.

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Booking Engine

Our Booking Engine enables online reservation directly on the hotel’s website, thus activating the hotel’s most valuable and profitable online sales channel. This tool provides an instant booking confirmation to the hotel and updates availability across all managed channels thanks to its integration with The Channel Manager.

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