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Oct 16, 2020Connections

We are very proud to be integrated with over 450 partners and the list of our connections is constantly growing. Meet our latest integrations, which can help you to develop a daily routine, achieve much more and get much better results of your work:

Obehotel de Efimatica is a technology company that offers booking engine solution ObeHotel. This booking engine provides you a complete and intuitive online reservation system to increase direct sales. You can now connect your ObeHotel booking engine to YieldPlanet Channel Manager and optimize your property online management.

HotelCard is a membership-based hotel booking platform that gives travelers access to discounted hotel rates. At the same time properties benefit from saving on commission fees. The Hotelcard booking portal is connected to YieldPlanet, so that prices and availability on Hotelcard are always actual and bookings are directly transferred into the hotel’s PMS.

RisskovAutoferien sells short-term holidays to 15 countries providing customers with the best travel experiences at the best possible price. Destination countries include Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Norway, Croatia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czechia, Italy and Belgium. The core and spirit of Risskov Autoferien is Scandinavia based.

We and our partners are constantly evolving to be even more useful to you.  It helps our clients reach global and regional markets, simplify everyday work and maximize a revenue of their business. Meet major updates to established channels:

Alojapro is a Booking Engine specialized in effectively increasing direct hotel reservations. We are glad to communicate that we released a new way to manage the connection between Alojapro and YieldPlanet that supports delivering inventory from Alojapro engine into the Channel Manager. For more information and use cases please contact:

HRS orders guaranteed by credit card are saved and displayed with card details in YieldPlanet channel manager. Details visible in the Channel Manager include card type, holder name, number and expiry date. Please note that not all orders come with credit cards as HRS is a great source of business orders paid charged in a different way than with credit card. As PSD2 directive deadline set for December 31st 2020 is approaching fast YieldPlanet expects more focus from OTA side on processing payments and sharing virtual credit cards.

Agoda supports fully-fledged occupancy based pricing from now on. This feature benefits all properties including vacation rentals with advanced pricing structure needs. Please expect more notifications on migrating existing properties to new Agoda connection soon.

Do you want to learn more about each of these partners? Visit our Interactive Integration List page to get more information about YieldPlanet’s integrations.

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