Free e-book about guest communication tools

Sep 7, 2020Case Study, Hotelier Academy

New reality dictates new rules and requires you to take actions that are worth noticing in this challenging period. It is not enough just to sell a room in your property anymore, you need to think about how to sell great experience, emotions and pleasant moments to make your guests come back.We have asked GuestJoy, Hotelinking and Bookboost to answer 6 questions on how communication with your guests can help to improve the quality of their stay, ultimately turning them into repeat customers.From this e-book you will learn:
  • Why guest communication is so important
  • What guest communication tool is
  • Upselling is the new black
  • 2020 trends: what conditions the quarantine lifestyle dictates to hospitality

  • How and why you should start to use text messaging
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