KWHotel update: even more functional connection with YieldPlanet

Sep 14, 2020Channel Manager, Revenue Management

We are pleased to announce that KWHotel has implemented a number of updates and can boast an even more functional connection with YieldPlanet!

New updates include faster order download, improved mechanism of verifying order list and getting certified to deliver Closed To Departure (CTD) and Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS) parameters to YieldPlanet.

KWHotel and YieldPlanet users main benefists from new connections are:

  • possibility of applying Closed To Departure (CTD) and Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS) directly in KWHotel software

  • faster downloads of the list of reservations, modifications and cancellations from YieldPlanet, confirming taken orders which allows YieldPlanet to monitor the quality of the connection 

  • access to YieldPlanet PriceOptimizer RMS – thanks to the latest PMS update KWHotel is fully compatible with the PriceOptimizer RMS system

  • opening up path for KWHotel clients to fully automate price management

  • thanks to the automatic transfer of current prices to KWHotel from YieldPlanet, prices in PMS and BE KWhotel can be as dynamic as those in or Expedia

New KWHotel functionalities are available to all customers using KWHotel and YieldPlanet synchronization.

About KWHotel

KWHotel is an advanced software for hotels intended for all accommodation facilities: hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments, holiday centers, campsites and many others. The main advantage of the hotel program indicated by KWHotel customers is its intuitive and simple operation despite continuous expansion, many advanced options and modules.