IATI is the largest and leading online travel company and travel services integrator in Turkey, based on 2016 gross bookings (as per management estimates based upon publicly available company filings). IATI also serves the online travel markets in Germany, Israel, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Libya and an additional 45 countries globally. They strive to provide the most efficient and user friendly solutions to travel agents and individual travelers as well as suppliers to maximize their value and profits. IATI has a comprehensive product offering, including airline tickets, hotels, packages and other travel-related products. Travel agents and individual travelers can find, compare, and purchase travel products through their websites agent.iati.com and Aerobilet.com. IATI also provides its network of hotel suppliers with an Internet hotel booking engine solution HotelWeb (“HWEB”) for managing the distribution of hotel products and accessing individual travelers.