Company description: jSolutions is a Ukrainian company that brings together software development specialists, experts and consultants in various fields of information technology and business management since 2017. The company has more than 300 clients (more than 10,000 users). jSolutions is working together with 35 partners in different regions of Ukraine (software supply and support for HoReCa projects, supply and support of hotel, restaurant and POS equipment).
Product description: jSolutions is a cloud-based system for automating the management and accounting tasks of businesses, including hotels, hostels, restaurants, coworkings, and sports clubs. jSolutions allows to fully automate business processes (sales, booking, service, analysis, billing, access control, CRM, IP-telephony, personnel management, payroll, etc.), minimize system usage costs and has technological and competitive advantages:
– minimum investment in project implementation due to the use of free and open source software (PostgreSQL, Linux, OpenOffice, LibreOffice);
– high level of data security (RSA and AES);
– usage of different operating systems (MacOS / Linux / Windows / Android);
– usage of various DBMSs (Oracle, PostgreSQL);
– usage of free software for printing documents and reports (OpenOffice, LibreOffice);
– different client applications (Desktop, Android, Web)
– different delivery options (Cloud, Lease, Box)
– possibility to import data from other systems.
Cooperation description: By using Yieldplanet’s Channel Manager connection, hotels can receive booking information from all the international reservation systems supported by Yieldplanet through jSolutions management system.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hotels
Contact person email: jsolprogram@gmail.com , info@jsolutions.ua
Website: https://jsolutions.ua/

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The integration between jSolutions and Yieldplanet’s channel manager is a new opportunity for our customers in the hotel segment of the market.

Artur Fedorenko

Development Director , jSolutions