Company description: Noclegowo® was established in 2006 and now is one of the most popular polish travel website. Noclegowo® offers more than 10 thousand propierties located in Poland and abroad (Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia).
Product description: Noclegowo®’s website ( is daily visited by avarage 40 thousand users who generate 6000 inquiries per day. Noclegowo®’s users are polish travellers who looking for an accommodation (apartments, vacation homes) in Poland or abroad and foreign tourists who are planning to visit Poland.
Co-operation within Noclegowo’s booking system means:
– no activation fees, no subscription fees,
– only 8% fee per reservation,
– quick withdrawn funds from reservations.
Cooperation description: Noclegowo® supports a two-way synchronization with the YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. Synchronization includes rates, rate plans and availabilities. Noclegowo® and YieldPlanet also support initiatives related to the development of the short term rental market in Poland.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Apartments/Vacation Rental
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We are delighted to cooperate with YieldPlanet as the largest polish OTA partner. It is part of our strategy of supporting accommodation’s owners in improving the booking process. Convenience, time saving and profit maximisation are important for our customers, which is why we constantly implement the latest technological solutions, such as those offered by YieldPlanet.


Mateusz Goliat

CMO & co-owner, Noclegowo