Obehotel de Efimatica


Company description: Efimatica is a technology company dedicated to the research and development of computer applications for modern Hotel Management.
Since 2004 Efimatica has focussed on direct sales and online marketing, creating a brand dedicated exclusively to hotels: OBEHOTEL.
Current customers: 550 PMS
Partners: Kroot – ICG – Office – Acigrup – Hotel3 by Informatica3 – Dap informatica – Minsoit de Indra (SAP) – Six de Sextaplanta – Connection with AMSystem and MasterYield in final phase Channel Manager Partners: Siteminder – Yieldplanet – Prestige
Product description:
The constantly evolving OBEHOTEL booking engine offers you the most complete technology for online management of your establishment. It is distinguished by its functionality, ease of use and versatility. Obehotel is a perfect booking engine for all types of tourist accommodation, from large hotel chains, individual hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, apartments to rural houses.
Compatible with any web page – Free installation.
Cooperation description: New connection
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Hotels
Contact person email: info@obehotel.com
Website: www.obehotel.com