Risskov – Free Sale Value Partner – is one of the largest providers of short-term breaks and weekend stays in Northern Europe.

This OTA offers customized packages that bundles multi-night stays with additional add-ons like meals, drinks, wellness and many more across five different platforms.
Its business model is centered around selling hotel’s surplus capacity throughout the year including on low demand periods, while giving hoteliers full control over their availability.
Risskov offers ultimate flexibility and hassle-free booking. A flexible free sale model empowers the hotelier to choose which rooms to sell based on its occupancy, resulting in increased RevPAR and GopPAR.

Currently Risskov partners directly with nearly 1000 hotels in Central and Northern Europe and is actively looking for hotel supply to cater to the travel demands of a loyal base of 300.000 and growing customers from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.