Vertical Booking

Company description: Vertical Booking was founded in Bergamo in 1999, has specialized in the development of software for accommodation facilities since 2005 and joined the Zucchetti group in 2018. Present in more than 100 countries and with over 7,400 clients, Vertical Booking offers solutions translated into 29 different languages and usable in all currencies.
Company product: Vertical Booking provides intuitive, complete and flexible software solutions, with functions that can be adapted to every specific need of the clients. It provides one database, one development team, one client service team, One platform, one login, one back office. It is an international solution, present in 107 countries.
Geographical focus: US/CA, France and Italy.
Property focus: Hotels, Resorts and Hotel Chains.

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Our mutual customers portfolio will benefit from this integration which will now allow the hotels to automatize the pricing strategy. YieldPlanet revenue management and distribution system will automatically send the prices to the Vertical Booking Channel Manager without any manual update.
Christian Lepom

Chief Operating Officer