Amazing Places

Company description: At Amazing Places, they believe that the biggest travel jewels may be found just around the corner. They are a bunch of passionate travelers, who search for the most amazing places within Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy… and this is just a beginning! On their websites, they list over 400 beautiful tiny houses, SPA hotels, cozy mountain chalets, old fashioned cottages and architectural masterpieces, from which travelers can pick the best place for their next adventure. Over half of them offers direct booking option, where you simply pick your top place, make an instant booking, pay online and get yourself ready for your big trip.
Company product: Amazing Places connects travelers from the region of Central Europe with hand picked selection of the best accommodation providers within Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy. They offer their accommodation partners listing on their websites (awarded by Zlaty Strednik award for the best website of 2022), full marketing service (online and offline) and mainly instant bookings, which are always non-refundable and 100% pre-paid. As an addition, accommodation partners can profit from a variety of other products they offer (gift vouchers, hotel consulting, marketing consulting, etc.)
HotelSystems about the integration: After the integration of YieldPlanet and Amazing Places, partners will be able to connect their rooms, rates and availability from YieldPlanet and will be able to start selling bookings through Amazing Places hassle-free and with no risk of overbooks.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe, DACH and Italy.
Property focus: Apartments, Vacation Rental, RTR, Villas, Hotels, Aparthotels, Resorts, Hostels, Hotel Chains and Gampling.

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This integration will enable all our YieldPlanet partners to start selling instant bookings on our sites. Some of our partners are already selling with us, but have to manage their availability and rates manually, which is quite stressful and with a risk of overbook. After the integration, we will be able to attract more new YieldPlanet partners, since we can put them online and connect them in a few moments.

Zuzana Fuxova

Senior Account Manager