Avvio partners with hundreds of independent and group hotels across Europe and North America to grow direct bookings. Avvio partners with other companies from across the hospitality industry to provide an alternative to OTAs, and encourage a greater channel shift to clients direct digital channels. Avvio has been pioneering innovation in hotel booking engine design and functionality since 2002. That innovative journey led them in 2016 to begin investing their research and development efforts into exploring AI. Avvio felt that the hotel direct channel should be able to compete effectively with OTAs in an ever-evolving technology space, and the booking engine should evolve from a passive traditional approach, to a truly engaging sales channel as part of the hotel website. In October 2017, Avvio launched the world’s first and only booking engine powered by AI. Allora is capable of improving its own behaviour and providing the best possible tailored experience for the hotel website visitor. Allora delivers the right message, to the right customer at the right time.







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