Company description: The Bookipro PMS is the perfect tool for managing vacation rentals. It is very easy to use and to get the best performance from rental properties.
Company product: The Bookipro PMS is vacation management software in which hoteliers can manage reservations, connect with the Channel Manager, and booking engine, get and send reservations, notify customers about any incidents, manage cleaning services, maintenance, collect and process customer invoices, discounts, promotions, etc. It helps to optimize hoteliers’ time and facilitate daily management.
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Apartments/Vacation Rental

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Thanks to YieldPlanet our clients have access to marketing channels for their rentals around the world. They ensure that their properties are well-positioned in the OTA’s markets and millions of clients. YieldPlanet makes it easy for your properties to be rented quickly and with the best possible profitability. They also give support to our clients to optimize their integration and help in everything necessary for the success of their holiday sales. 10 points for YieldPlanet and with Bookipro as PMS everything is automatic and easy.

Carlos Mestres

CEO, Bookipro