Company description: Cenium has its global headquarter in Oslo, with central Research and Development, Partner Operations and administrative functions. The office in Oslo, established in 2003, also seats the European sales, delivery and support organization focusing on providing all sales-, implementation- and support services to direct customers and reselling partners across Europe. A similar regional operation was established in North America in 2008, supporting US and Canadian customers.
Product description: Cenium has designed the software solution around the guest. This means that the guest can easily be handled across multiple fulfillment solutions( PMS, Conference and Activities) and enterprise layers. This gives the front staff (or an app interface for that matter) the power to handle the guest journey, whether it is about dynamic pricing, single view of the guest or need to add / change products. Cenium simply facilitates clients upsell potential and lay the fundamentals for efficient processes and the best guest journey.
Cooperation description: Established full integration to YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager and Price Optimizer
Geographical focus: Nordics
Property focus: Hotel chains
Contact person email: per.christian.naesset@cenium.com
Website: www.cenium.com

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We see Yieldplanet as one of innovative solutions in the distribution area, and together with your priceoptimizer our clients can easily connect to your universe

Per Christian Næsset

European Sales Manager, Cenium