Omicron(Cloff) has been operating in the market of communication and automation systems for over 15 years. During this time, they have established themselves as a developer of convenient and reliable IT solutions that can significantly increase the efficiency of their customers’ business processes. Omicron started their work in 2001 with the creation of a powerful communication platform that provides a stable data exchange for their customers. In 2009, they entered the communications market, providing their customers with high-quality voice and PBX services. Omicron were ready to develop comprehensive business automation solutions based on their own computing power. The first such decision – CLOFF cloud CRM system was released in 2012. Having vast experience behind them, Omicron realized that the future lies with those automation complexes that clearly meet the parameters of the industry in which they operate. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating an industry-specific hotel management system CLOFFHotel. CLOFFHotel is one of the best projects of Omicron! This is a new generation system that significantly improves the efficiency of the hotel, hotel, guest house or other accommodation. To create the CLOFFHotel, the best hotel business professionals from all over the country were involved.