E-domizil is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The ten founding partners have many years of experience in various fields, such as tourism, business consulting, banking, law and the automotive industry. The objective of E-domizil company is to revolutionize the letting of holiday houses and apartments, and to become a leading supplier in Europe. Rental property managers benefit from their complete range of services: e-domizil accepts customer reservations and informs the property managers immediately about new bookings. e-domizil also handles the booking and travel documents as well as the payment collection. e-domizil then makes sure that the revenue will be transferred on the property manager’s account in due time before the arrival of the customer. On the day of arrival, the property manager just needs to hand over the keys. There are no fees for the presentation of the property and no other fixed costs. Only once a property has been booked through E-domizil they charge a commission, and their commission is below industry average.


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