G2 Travel

Company description: G2 Travel was founded by the pioneers of online accommodation distribution – this experience and knowledge together with strategic new appointments has enabled them to create an exciting value proposition for both clients and suppliers. With cutting-edge technology, a carefully selected portfolio of directly contracted hotels and industry-leading customer care, they are able to provide a high-quality accommodation solution for their valued partners.
Company product: In today’s highly competitive market, G2 Travel is proud to introduce a brand new proposition for the distribution of accommodation to the Travel Trade. Bringing together directly sourced hotels, innovative technology and exceptional customer service, they aim to offer a highly personalised service which sets them apart from their competitors.
HotelSystems about the integration: Partnering with G2 Travel offers a unique opportunity to develop a B2B strategy that will complement your own direct sales. We only distribute to the Travel Trade and will work with you to develop incremental volume via channels such as tour operators, travel agencies, and closed user groups.
Geographical focus: US/CA, Nordics, Eastern Europe, DACH, UK & Ireland, Benelux, Iberia, France, Italy, South-Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa.
Property focus: Hotels.

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As G2 continues our rapid expansion globally, partnering with YieldPlanet is an important milestone in enabling the addition of key properties to our carefully selected portfolio of directly-contracted hotels, allowing us to focus on the most important properties chosen by our partners.

Paolo Gandolfi

Head Of Destination Management (Hotels)