Host Hotel Systems


Company description: Host Hotel Systems is a leader in providing fully integrated new generation systems for hotel management, with 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Host Hotel Systems has + 1500 clients, mostly in Portugal where they manage 160 rooms on average.
Product description: Host Hotel Systems’s software is a multi-language platform, for all types of accommodation that can handle multi properties and help them to connect any type of interface needed for daily operations.
Cooperation description: With Yieldplanet Host Hotel Systems can provide an integration between Host Hotel Systems’s PMS and your Yieldplanet’s Channel Manager, Host Hotel Systems can supply a full integration with their joint clients.
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Hotels
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Having Yieldplanet as our partner is definitely a strategic collaboration as in our perspective we want to provide to our customers the most reliable and easy solutions.
Ana Gloria

Partnerships Manager, Host Hotel Systems

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