Company description: Spanning across 176 countries, HostelsClub offers customers a selection of over 35,000 properties, advertised in more than 27 languages on their website. Thanks to the team of international professionals, the range of multilingual content and support provided ensures excellent customer service across the globe.
From property support and customer care to marketing and social media campaigns, combined with an advanced IT team and affiliations with other networks, HostelsClub offers all types of properties to every kind of traveler. Visited by millions of users that make thousands of reservations per month, HostelsClub’s website serves the needs of both customer and property owner, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free process for all parties involved.
Product description: What makes HostelsClub unique from other online booking providers is its personal approach. At HostelsClub, they believe in maintaining a secure and trustful relationship with their customers, which is why team of multilingual staff are always available and ready to help. In this respect, HostelsClub’s ethos is similar to their origins, as although Venice is not the biggest city, it is known all over the world for its historical reputation. HostelsClub, like Venice, boasts a great past, but is always looking ahead to the future, combining local traditions with international trends and cultures.
Cooperation description: Works with YieldPlanet in order to enable secure bookings through HostelsClub’s website. YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager guarantees a quick and easy booking confirmation.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hostels
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This cooperation is essential to the success of our company as it helps us maintain a high standard of bookings and to minimise the number of errors we make, ensuring a swift and professional booking process.

Andrea Mehanna

CEO, HostelsClub