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Company description: Hotelcard is a Swiss online booking portal for a closed user group that pays a yearly membership fee. Hotelcard focuses on raising the occupancy in off seasons but nevertheless provides availibility all around the year. Hotelcard demand no commissions or fees from our 600 partner hotels. In return, Hotelcard offers their members exclusive discounts at great hotels. Around 1% of the Swiss population is already joining Hotelcard and it’s getting more every day.
Product description: Hotelcard is the most effictive marketing channel in off seasons and the cheapest one in high seasons. The majority of Hotelcard’s clients are frequently traveling Swiss who are flexible regarding their desired destination and vacation time.
Cooperation description: The Hotelcard booking portal is connected to YieldPlanet so that prices and availability on Hotelcard are always up-to-date and bookings are directly transferred into the hotel’s PMS.
Geographical focus: DACH
Property focus: Hotels
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With the connection to YieldPlanet, the administration effort for our partner hotels is massively reduced. They only have the register with us and everything else is fully automated. Hence, our partner hotels benefit from a higher revenue, not only in rooms but also in f&b and other outlets.

Stefan Sächerl

Head of hotel cooperation, Hotelcard AG