HotelNetSolutions GmbH

Company description: HotelNetSolutions is a one-stop-shop for all hotel online distribution software solutions, with a high-performing channel manager and the room booking engine with highest conversion rates. Developed and hosted in Berlin, Germany.
Product description: HotelNetSolutions offers software solutions, support and service for hotels. Our hotel online distribution full service includes:

  • OnePageBooking – the room booking engine with highest conversion rates
  • OnePageBooking MICE – instant booking of seminars, meetings and events
  • VoucherBooking – our creative voucher shop
  • RateDistributor – the high-performing channel manager
  • Interfaces to all standard (popular) meta search portals, Property management and Yielmanagement systems
  • RateMonitor – the price check widget
  • Technical support and strategic consulting

Geographical focus: DACH
Property focus: Hotels

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