Company description: HousingAnywhere is the leading European online booking platform for mid- to long term rentals. With more than 10 million unique visitors on a yearly basis they bring together supply and demand on the international rental market. Currently they have more than 20.000 active listings. They offer landlords an easy and safe way to reach millions of potential new tenants, while making sure the tenant can safely book.
Product description: HousingAnywhere offers an online booking platform bringing together tenants and landlords in an easy way. Since the whole process is online, it saves property managers of all sorts a lot of time in selecting the right tenant. Additionally, they offer online payment services to collect rent, deposit and other costs in a secure way through HousingAnywhere Payments. Their secure booking system guarantees the landlord of the first month’s rent.
Cooperation description: YieldPlanet integrated with the HousingAnywhere public API.
Geographical focus: Europe
Property focus: Apartments/Vacation Rental
Contact person email: s.boon@housinganywhere.com
Website: housinganywhere.com


We’re excited to have YieldPlanet integrated via the HousingAnywhere Public API and becoming our partner. Thanks to this integration, HousingAnywhere is able to increase its market share and generate more traction with its audiences as a result of YieldPlanet’s presence in these markets. At the same time, YieldPlanet is able to offer its customers a new way and robust way to enter the mid/long term rental market with the help of the HousingAnywhere platform, giving them the opportunity to grow and diversify their portfolio.

Steven Boon

API Integrations Manager, HousingAnywhere