Company description: iHotelligence has over 100 clients on its books. They work with all ranges of guest accommodation from Bed and Breakfast to large hotels. iHotelligence integrates with all major OTAs and Booking Engines and ensure full fluidity between systems.
Product description: iHotelligence is a fully comprehensive Property Management System which includes full integration with your Booking Engine and OTAs. With their system you can manage the entirety of your property from the one extranet. No need for multiple system management. iHotelligence works with a multitude of different properties, ranging from 5 bedroom properties to 125 bedroom hotels. iHotelligence’s product is fully flexible to offer you exactly what you need to manage your property and bedrooms. iHotelligence integrates with the major booking engine providers and all major Online Travel Agents.
Geographical focus: UK & Ireland
Property focus: Hotels
Contact person email: niamh@ihotelligence.com
Website: www.ihotelligence.com


We like to give our customers as much opportunity for connectivity to multiple channels to make their life easier and less dependant on manual admin. The more options we can provide, the better for our customers. We hope to expand our customer base and secure additional interest in our product with the help of this partnership.

Keith Slowey

Founder & SEO, iHotelligence