In 2007 KEYTEL classifies all its hotels into brands, taking into account the hotel type, with the aim of helping travel agents to recommend the best hotel for every customer. KEYTEL categorisation tries to define precisely the standards of facilities, interior decoration, quality and conveniences these establishments include, regardless of the evaluations collected from the hotel country or region where they are located, as well as if they are in an urban or leisure sector. Exclusive booking platform for travel agents. KEYTEL has a wide variety of hotel chains in the main destinations worldwide to book hotel client’s travels.The brand Prestige Hotels of the World includes the best and most prestigious hotels in the world. These hotels, exclusive and with a characteristic personality, offer a wide range of experiences to their customers. The use of the comprehensive guarantee of this organisation has been made available to ensure unforgettable stays in magnificent hotels. Prestige Hotels of the World offers a large assortment of hotels that satisfy leisure and business needs of select customers.




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