Company description: KWHotel is based in Cracow, operating on the market since 2006. Provides a wide range of hospitality related services – KWHotel PMS software, synchronization with OTAs and channel managers, booking engine, dozens of integrations with accounting systems, Points of Sale, payment gateways, check-in kiosks and many more. KWHotel solutions are used in over 5000 properties in 160 countries across the entire world.
Product description: KWHotel is a complex property management software. It can be found in a wide range of properties such as guesthouses, hostels, 3-star hotels and apartments. Not only provides solutions that help clients acquire guests from any region of the world. KWHotel is also actively bringing innovation to the HoReCa sector. This includes a unique web module for apartment owners, housekeeping app based on the top-tier technology or possibility to generate credit card payment links directly from its software.
Cooperation description: KWHotel supports a two-way synchronization with the YieldPlanet channel manager. KWHotel software can download rates, rate plans and reservations from YieldPlanet while pushing KWHotel rates, restrictions and availabilities to the channel manager.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Apartments/Vacation Rental
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