Company description: LBooking is an innovative cloud for Premium Hotels. LBooking is much more than a booking engine. It is a solution that brings its clients a new way of understanding the whole concept of direct booking. LBooking key analytics numbers speak for themselves: 35% direct booking sales YoY, 68% loyalty response, more than 3300 reservations in 2 years, and over 1 mln euro revenue with the breakthrough market potential.
Product description: LBooking is designed as an upgraded-to-cloud hotel software that consistently tackles major challenges of hotel owners and managers. Powerful yet simple interfaces available on any mobile and desktop device lets managers stay on top of their major analytics, see trends and better plan their pricing and occupancy strategies. It’s also a user-friendly set of tools for any hotel reception that allows easy management of the incoming bookings, communication with guests as well as planning and production of specific marketing campaigns. Tools and features come in a flexible offer that can be tailored to the individual needs of each hotel, limiting the issue of spending budget on unnecessary features and efficiently eliminating long training hours for management and reception. LBooking is one of the few if not the only solution on the market that skillfully links loyalty into a hotel management system that attracts and converts new premium-class clients with a track record of efficiency reaching even 77% in times of pandemic challenges. Hotels get to be a part of an attractive loyalty club scheme with remarkable benefits for the guests. Hotels that have already tried LBooking features and benefits of the loyalty engine enjoy managing their processes with grace, efficiency, and without overinvesting in technology.
These are the main benefits for LBooking clients:
-Success-fee model with 100% risk-free approach to fees. No bookings, no costs. Grow and scale your business instantly.
-Customer Loyalty management has taken to the next generation of hotel technology
-Cloud-based software with agile features and analytics
-Omnichannel – available on any device, keen design, powerful responsive features
-Channel Manager and e-commerce integrations, as well as marketing automation possibilities that place your business in the high end of players on the market.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe

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Customer acquisition always requires certain diversification of sources, however, this should not mean neglecting your own media. Direct booking is the nearest and most profitable future of the hotel industry and it is worth investing in. Thanks to the integration of Lbooking with YieldPlannet we are finally able to manage prices and room availability from the position of one dashoard, both in the context of OTA and direct booking. This allows us to fully automate and efficiently manage price distributions for all sources at the same time.

Mateusz Ciba

CEO, LBooking