With 60 years of experience and professionalism, Lusanova creates and organizes travel, being recognized by its customers for the quality and safety of its products and the support provided to all its business partners. For Lusanova to be bigger is to be better and as such company works daily to continue to be a trusted partner of all travel agency networks in the country. For this reason, for Lusanova a trip is not just about choosing a destination or booking an air ticket or hotel. In each program Lusanova company encourage travelers to know the world, ensuring that their time is made the most of. At Lusanova they believe that freedom of travelers should not be limited. Individual or group, regular or custom, circuit or cruise, Lusanova’s program allows customers to know the world with the comfort, quality and safety that characterizes Lusanova. Company’s attitude is transversal to their entire schedule, from circuits to major destinations, not forgetting cruises, the traveler can request from his travel agency a route with more option included in the case of circuits, or a tailor made itinerary in case. of the great destinations. Each of our catalogs lists all possible options that can be combined.


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