Company description: Mirai is the hotelier’s partner in the common objective of maximising the potential of direct sales, commercial independence, reduction of distribution costs and access without intermediaries to the highest number of potential clients, always within the general framework that these actions contribute to increase the hotel’s profits.
With more than 1,400 client hotels, in 2018 it handled bookings worth almost 250 million euros and it registers an over 20% sustained annualgrowth.
Product description: Mirai covers all the necessary areas required to reach this objective: Creation and maintenance of the hotel’s direct-sales platform (website, booking engine.) with the best technology, design and service; Visibility and marketing to make that platform reach the client (including connectivity with main Metasearch channels), and, above all, collaboration with the hotelier in the development and implementation of the sales and commercialisation strategy, actions which are down to the hotel but essential to achieve the desired results.
Cooperation description: Booking engine and Metasearch connectivity
Geographical focus: Iberia, Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, US/CA, LATAM
Property focus: Hotels, Aparthotels, Hostels, Hotel chains
Contact person email: metasales@mirai.com
Website: www.mirai.com/home/

We already have quite some happy hotel clients using Yielplanet as Channel Manager. 

Pablo Sanchez

Metasearch, Mirai