Mr & Mrs Smith

Company description: Mr&Mrs Smith currently work with +1400 hotels and +250 villas worldwide. They partner with a variety of globally renowned travel companies such as British Airways Holidays, IHG, and countless travel agencies plus offer their own direct free and paid memberships for customers to book and stay at their collection of hotels.
Product description: Mr & Mrs Smith specializes in luxury, boutique hotels. This can range from a pub with rooms or B&B all the way to an all inclusive resort. They work with a variety of chains, although most of our properties are either independent or part of a consortium rather than a hotel chain. Mr&Mrs Smith audience skews towards couples or HNW families, and while they have an offering for everyone their travel club is for hotel lovers, where the hotel is such an important part of their travels.
Cooperation description: Mr&Mrs Smith has a 1-way connection with YieldPlanet that covers ARI & reservation delivery is done directly by YieldPlanet. There are no limitations to my knowledge, and the connection is very stable and confident.
Geographical focus: UK&Ireland
Property focus: Hotels
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We offer a full training service done by our partnerships support team, and a dedicated account manager. All write ups are done by our in house team so they can offer an amazing, editorial led summary of the property.
Nicole Bianchi

Technical Product Owner, Mr & Mrs Smith