Company description: Nuitée Travel was established in Ireland in 2015 to offer a one stop shop solution for worldwide accommodation of all types. Their worldwide hotel offer makes it easy for travel agencies, tour operators, corporate travel management companies and airlines to access hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide from multiple sources with a simple and easy-to-develop API based interface. Nuitee keepsoperating costs low by automating processes. They build faster and more relevant hotel offers by processing data from millions of daily hotel searches that they can share instantly with our key partners. As a result, Nuitee Travel offers great products, consistent growth through innovation and a transparent business model.
Product description: Nuitee has merged people from two magic worlds: Innovation Technology and Travel. The expertise and years of experience within their management team has allowed them to develop a global accommodation marketplace using their own innovative technology with the aim of simplifying the booking process and reducing operating costs. Best in class technology, customer service, worldwide audience to offer hotels to. All at you fingetips.
Cooperation description: Nuitee is thirlled to partner with YieldPlanet to offer to its connected hotels the opportunity to showcase and sale the properties to their worldwide audience.
Geographical focus: US/CA
Property focus: All accommodation
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Special offer for YieldPlanet clients:



This cooperation will allow us to offer our worldwide customers a wider range of properties. We are both growing the hotel portfolio for international and local demand.

Diego J Lofeudo

Chief Product Officer, Nuitee Travel