OTA Insight

Company description: OTA Insight is a leading cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry. They provide hoteliers and revenue managers with a suite of revenue management solutions that empower them to make optimal revenue and distribution decisions every day.
With years of constant development and enhancement, OTA Insight equips hoteliers and revenue managers with historical, current and future-looking data to guide decision-making with complete, real-time and visually friendly datasets.
Since its beginning, OTA Insight has won numerous industry awards and grown to become the leader in revenue management solutions for over 50,000 independent, local and global chain properties and management companies in 168 countries, supported by 170+ stellar employees.
Product description: Market Insight – Industry’s first predictive market intelligence solution that captures hotel booking intent in real-time for the next 365 days to uncover revenue opportunities at the very early stage.
Rate Insight – a solution that provides a real-time data intelligence information on hotel’s competitors’ complete pricing strategy.
Revenue Insight – business intelligence platform that unlocks the potential of the PMS data and delivers actionable insights.
Parity Insight – end-to-end solution for hotel groups and chains to discover and solve parity issues across their portfolio.
Cooperation description: OTA Insight provides industry’s leading rate shopping data for Yiledplanet’s RMS.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe
Property focus: Apartments/Vacation Rental, Hotels, Aparthotels, Guesthouses, Hostels, Hotel chains
Contact person emailjoanna.tomaszkiewicz@otainsight.com
Website: https://www.otainsight.com/partner-referral


We are delighted to now be working in partnership with YieldPlanet to help hoteliers automate and optimise their revenue management strategies. The integration of Rate Insight, our rate shopping tool, together with YieldPlanet’s RMS, Price Optimiser, is a powerful solution that enable our mutual customers to maximise revenues – something that is more important now than ever.

Francine Heywood

Regional Sales Manager EMEA , OTA Insight