RoomRack Cloud PMS

Company description: Since 2018, RoomRack is committed to bringing solutions to small accommodations, city hotels & hotel chains. This is their mission, their goal, and their expertise. More than 150 hotels in 2 countries run RoomRack’s system. The platform offers a high-class, efficient, secure working environment for the hotelier and the staff. Take it one step further – you can easily integrate other tools to streamline any processes through your daily operations.
Product description:RoomRack is a modern property management software that facilitates your reservation management and administrative tasks. Key functions include front-desk operations, channel management connection, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing (eInvoicing). It is intuitive and easy to train on.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Luxury and budget hotels, apartments, multi – properties, homes and villas

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RoomRack Cloud PMS connects to Yieldplanet and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual work, as all important data are automatically shared. This integration is an essential tool for hotels who want to stay competitive in this massive marketplace.

Giannis Koutsopoulos

CEO - Co-Founder, RoomRack