SmartPlanet LLC

Company description: Smart Planet – a company that provides e-commerce solutions in the field of HoReCa. Products such as RoomsWizard BE booking engine, RoomsWizard PMS hotel management system give industry professionals the opportunity to increase direct sales and fully automate business processes in hotels.
Product description: RoomsWizard PMS management system will help you automate and simplify the work of your hotel. Forget about sophisticated interfaces, lots of personal accounts and programs, and start monitoring your accommodation on a single system.
Thanks to the flexible settings, you will be able to adapt the system to yourself, and your virtual assistant will in time give you valuable recommendations on increasing your revenue and respond to any questions related to using the system.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hotels

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Innovation is what we live for. We continue to add new features and improve our products, constantly looking for new ways to help hoteliers work more efficiently and make more informed decisions quicker.

Alexander Moroz

Director, SmartPlanet