Company description: P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. creates software for hotels and restaurants. Its main product is a property management system SOHiS which is being used in 400 hotels in Poland. P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. also creates custom software to solve individual problems of hoteliers. SOHiS is integrated with accounting systems (Optima, Enova), hotel locks (Be-Tech, Tayama, LOB) and with channel managers (Yield Planet, Profitroom). Cooperates with the majority of cash registers and fiscal printers available on the Polish market.
Since 2016 P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. has been developing an automation solution that enables self-check-in and self-check-out process. The solution was created in cooperation with one of the clients who wanted to replace the traditional hotel reception with a self-service key cabinet.
Product description: In response to the needs of small hotels, P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. has been focusing on automation. It is a goal to create a system that is user-friendly and readily available to the hoteliers.
To meet the expectations of clients, P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. made sure its system works with traditional key locks, smart card hotel locks or with access control keypads.
Guests who booked a reservation will receive an access code in an e-mail. The code will then be used to open the respective room reservation. If an instance they can’t pay for their reservation, they will be able to use self-service paying terminal in a hotel located at the lobby. If the payment is completed, the machine will generate a smart card or a key from a key cabinet. The code will also be able to access the designated hotel room, when a hotel uses access control keypads.
Cooperation description: Property management system SOHiS can be connected with YieldPlanet Channel Manager. The data between hotel software and different OTAs are synchronized due to that connection. It is time-saving and it prevents overbooking.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hotels
! Special Offer ! : P.P.H.U. “A-M” s.c. gives a 5% discount on SOHiS software for new clients who are using YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager.
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