Tale Travel

Company description: Tale Travel is a Romanian-based B2B wholesaler, operating in the online travel sector since 2016. Having offices in Romania and Moldova, and a GSA operating in Bulgaria, Tale Travel runs a portfolio of over 3,500 reselling travel agencies in 13 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece, Italy, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt. The company also distributes to wholesalers and OTAs with global exposure.
Product description: B2B Distribution business is far beyond intermediating accommodation rooms. For their reseller partners, Tale Travel has customized one of the most flexible online booking platform to serve a wide range of companies, from Tour Operators to business or leisure-niched travel agencies. Tale Travel is not going to increase just your visibility, but your sales, as we are running targeted sale and marketing campaigns for each valuable direct contracted hotel.
Geographical focus: Eastern Europe
Property focus: Hotels

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YieldPlanet has a strategic hotel portfolio in countries our source-markets are well-performing in terms of booking. With Yield Planet, we aim to become a relevant business partner of each of their client hotels.

Viorel Ion

Product Manager, Tale Travel