Company description: They are a global solution of hotel & restaurant business services, OTA (Online Travel Agency) B2C which offers the choice of choosing accommodation and a place to eat.
Some key numbers:
– Sale of menus: 2019 (1915) 2020 current year (1488).
– Number of accommodation nights sold: 2019 (809) 2020 current year (210).
– Number of partners: 2019 (568) 2020 current year (1348)
Product description: B2C: 1st worldwide OTA with mixed booking option Hotels + Restaurants
Cooperation description: YieldPlanet with TotalFood are integrated via xml
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Hotels
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Cooperating with YieldPlanet is important for us because it enables us to offer more hotels with real availability.

Yon Berdote

CEO, TotalFood